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    Big game week in Denver, Broncos vs Chiefs, the 10-1 Chiefs, no less. Good team, as usuall, for KC and Vermaile is a good coach and will have this team ready to play.

    Mike will have the Broncos ready as well and I think this will be the "Game of the Week" in the NFL.
    Denver wants "pay back' for the loss in KC and of course KC wants to keep the lead for Home Field in the playoffs. (damn, this is the kind of games I miss being a San Diego fan. The biggest game for us is Oakalnd and we try to count the arrests and fights in the stands. Half of Los Angeles comes into San Diego and it's almost like the "Normandy Landings" in World War II except, they, Faiders fans, are the only ones armed!!! I think they open all jails in Southern California for work release on that game day.Do you have the same problem in Denver?)

    Anyway, KC beat San Diego last week but SD scored it's last TD on a pass from Flutie with no time left. Chargers had a couple chances to score during the gsme, but failed to do so; Chiefs had some breaks too, but failed to take control. To allow the Chargers back into that game after the Chiefs led 28-14 was plain meserable.
    SD had ball control on them all day and trent Green, who had not thrown an INT in something like 5 stright games, had 2 . one right into Quinten Jammers numbers. (jammer was lit up the week before by Cincinnati receivers all day, but he came to play against the Chiefs).
    As the game wore on, the Chiefs looked more and more beatable and a better team IE Broncos, would have beaten them.

    What I'm saying is if the same Chiefs' team shows up Sunday that played the Chargers' last week, the Broncos could record anothe r "W" in the race for the Wild card.
    Believe me, fans, by the mid 3rd quarter, KC looked like a beaten team, even though they still lead and never trailed.
    I hope the Broncos coaching staff has watched all the film from the Chiefs-Chargers game and has made notes or the KC weaknessess; if the samr KC team comes to Denver, they can be beaten; make that, the Chiefs can be beaten period. I was totaly unimpressed with them,The Bengals were more impressive.
    In my opinion, Denver wins this close game, if I were to wager a few "matchsticks" on this one, I'd take the broncos.
    Why? They can win this game. Sd damn near beat KC and the Broncs are a lot better than SD. Go get 'em.
    "But that's just my opinion. "Of course I could be wrong".

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    Re: Chiefs- Broncos

    Originally posted by thesith2001
    the 10-1 Chiefs, no less
    11-1 Chiefs... I didn't read the rest.
    Suck is NOT a bronco fan.


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      Re: Re: Chiefs- Broncos

      Originally posted by cheapseats
      11-1 Chiefs... I didn't read the rest.
      My mistake. 11-1 Chiefs. but on Sunday, I'm betting on Chiefs being 11-2 and the Broncos making a strong run at one wild Card spot.

      Meanwhile back in reality, San Diego, the "paper Lions" will defeat the Chargers. ( So what else is new?)
      "But that's just my opinion. "Of course I could be wrong".


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        Merry playoffs to all, and to all a great game!

        I sometimes get irritated at the less than amiable (to be polite) Chiefs fans (not all of you) that post on this forum. But, as this Sunday's big game rapidly approaches, I made myself take a step back from the smack and view things from a distance and I had an epiphany.

        No matter your team loyalty, we all have a few things in common: We love the game of football. We love our teams. We hate the Raiders. We tend to view the NFL through rose-colored glasses (or whatever your team's colors might be). We're all looking forward to this Sunday's game.

        Despite the bad blood that is clearly visibile in the posts of this forum, I can't help but realize that this is what football is all about. The regular season is winding down and each game is increasingly important, whether your team is playing for home-field advantage or for their playoff lives. Passion abounds. We can't be out on the field but we can damn well tackle somebody for badmouthin' our team.

        Obviously, I hope the Broncos win this Sunday and I also hope we make the playoffs. But what I'd really love is to somehow have a rematch with the Chiefs in the AFC Chamionship game. Even though the Chiefs are my second least favorite team (Raiders are #1) there would be nothing more intense than taking on a rival for a chance to go to the Super Bowl, although it would suck to have to play it in Arrowhead.

        Some of you (ReasonableChief and others) have made recent posts that show you just love football. So, even though you Chiefs fans pull for the wrong team, I'm glad that we have something in common. But I still plan to slap ya down when you talk smack about the Broncos!

        Merry playoffs to all (I hope ), and to all a great game!

        GO BRONCOS!!!
        "You can't take the sky from me..."
        "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding"


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          very well said javalon

          may the best team win this sunday:o


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            Vs. Cheifs




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              well stated, and I'll be the one doing the slappin in the smack section


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                wow, ladies and gentleman, we now present Father Javalon, our moral and spiritual leader
                Superintendent Chalmers: "Thank the Lord"? That sounded like a prayer. A prayer in a public school. God has no place within these walls, just like facts don't have a place within an organized religion."


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                    Very Well put my friend!!
                    There are many more thing in life that matter more than football but none of them mean squat come Sunday.


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                      Originally posted by Broncos26
                      very well said javalon

                      may the best team win this sunday:o

                      no no...May the right team win, the better team was the Broncos in Arrowhead, any Chefs fans' can admit that...

                      GO BRONCOS!!!!
                      fight u dwn the must win.. fight fight fr knows no defet! so roll up the mighty score, Never Give in!!...shouler to shulder we will FIGHT..FIGHT ... FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!


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                        Twas the Night Before Denver: KC Version

                        Twas the night before Denver

                        Twas the night before Denver as all the Chiefs rule
                        Not a creature was stirring not even a mule

                        The fans will leave crying On the 7th of December
                        and the flags not thrown will be all they'll remember

                        As they cling to their past with John and Terrell
                        Their chance for the playoffs has now gone to Hell.

                        The fans in Invesco did a slow burn
                        As Dante went 80 on a long punt return

                        "Foul" screamed the Donkeys and Shanarat cried
                        "They cheated again, they blocked in the side"

                        The rat was upset , all ugly and mean
                        “Our uniforms did not have enough Vasoline!”

                        The excuses were bounding as the Rat screamed with terror
                        “40 to 10, that score is an error”

                        “They cheated, I tell you” he barked like a hound
                        as he nibbled on cheese that he found on the ground;

                        “If Ian were here, our D wouldn’t smell”
                        But Ian was out with a torn ACL.

                        “Mike is our Fullback, his effort we lack”
                        But Mike was away, smoking his crack.

                        And the fans left Invesco, alone in the dark
                        As they made their way home to the trailer park

                        “We’ll get ‘em next year”, one said aloof
                        then he opened his door, to go brush his tooth.

                        Another yelled out, “That Plummer’s a joke;
                        We just might have won, if he didn’t choke”


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                          Did you think that up all by yourself? long did that take you?.....BAH HUMBUG!!!!!


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                            Dude that was hilarious. My guess is he knocked that out in about 15-20 mintues.... whereas Perryboy took a couple weeks plotting and scheming to release his Night before Denver poem...on Dec 6th. heh.

                            Good One NYChief
                            [nelson] Hah Hah! [/nelson]


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                              Originally posted by Ftblman
                              Did you think that up all by yourself? long did that take you?.....BAH HUMBUG!!!!!
                              all except one verse by fellow fan, Jetlord:

                              The fans in Invesco did a slow burn
                              As Dante went 80 on a long punt return

                              "Foul" screamed the Donkeys and Shanarat cried
                              "They cheated again, they blocked in the side"