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Denver to HOST Thanksgiving Night game vs NY Giants!!

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    Originally posted by xX-Bronco-Xx View Post
    How do you remember the game if you don't know the ending? The ending was what made the game amazing in the first place. Not saying the rest of the game was bad because it was good but anyways.

    The game went into overtime and when we got the ball we gave it to Ron Dayne who took his chunky ass for a huge run that gave us the game winning field goal.
    He's talking about when the Broncos wore the orange throwback uni's against the cowboys in like 01 or 02.

    The Broncos wore the standard away uni's they have now for the game youre referring to


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      Originally posted by Chidoze View Post
      He's talking about when the Broncos wore the orange throwback uni's against the cowboys in like 01 or 02.
      But his first post was referring to the last time we faced the Cowboys in Thanksgiving and that's what I was referring to. So yeah.


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        Since it's a primetime game, I hope it's the all blue uniforms.


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          Originally posted by #1atwaterfan View Post
          thanks, but do you know or does anyone know what 2 games it will be ?

          It was rivalry games so I assume the Broncos will be wearing them against the Chiefs, Raiders or Chargers. My guess would be that they'll have two weeks where AFL teams play their rivals and everyone wears them those weeks. Might even be week 1 since the Pats-Bills and Raiders-Chargers open against eachother on MNF, perhaps the Broncos will open in Kansas City and they'll wear them.

          I'll be interested to see if the Broncos wear the uniforms from the 80's/early 90's or if they wear the same throwbacks they wore in 1994.


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            yeah we defeated the ryan leaf led cowboys 26-24 in 2001. that was the last time we wore our old school orange uniforms.
            and we looked sexy wearing them too.

            that game was a blow out 26-3 going into the 4th but dallas made a game of it. It came down to a onside kick to finally end the game with us winning.
            dallas hella sucked that year.

            of course we beat dallas again in 2005. Ron Dayne for the win!