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Where will Wesley Woodyard fit in?

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  • Where will Wesley Woodyard fit in?

    There have been differing opinions on what position we might see Wesley at this year. I personally felt that he was a dynamic player even though he is slightly undersized. Zach Thomas is a perfect example of what someone with heart and good instincts can do if given a chance however.

    Do we see Wesley filling in at one of the interior linebacker spots? Outside linebacker spots? or possibly as a safety, this year? I know Shanahan experimented with him for a game or so at the safety spot last year without stellar results but could that be a possibility if he was given this entire off season to prepare to play that position?

    I suppose the final option would be, do we see him making the team once the rosters are cut as well. Imho I think he makes the team for sure, and I believe that with time to prepare and proper coaching at the position he could make a good run stuffing safety at this level. What's everyone else's thoughts?

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    I hope Mike Nolan gives him at least a chance to compete. If he is too small to be a 3-4 ILB, let the drills and practices show. I would hate to find out that our new coaches said "Get out of the line Woody, go to try some DB drills".


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      IMO Wesley Woodyard was the best player on our defense last year.

      Size doesn't matter when the guy makes play after play. The only time the D played well was when he was on the field. Wesley is a factor, plain and simple.

      I can't see him being an OLB in the 3-4, but I'd like for him to get a shot in the middle.


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        I'm gonna say ILB or S


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          I think he has what it takes to at least back up at ILB. He definitely makes the team on special teams if nothing else, but I expect much more.
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            Dancing With The Stars after a tackle for marginal yardage.


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              IMO he will be a solid backup for any of the LB positions if necessary, and possibly a starter on nickle or dime situations..


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                I see him being a very capable backup LB at any spot, a nickle LB, and a special teams guy. Not everyone on the team can be a starter, and generally, backups on defense see a lot more playing time than backups on offense. You need depth at LB in a 3-4 to keep your guys fresh.
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                  I guarantee Wesley ends up becoming a defensive captain for the Broncos down the road and makes a Pro-Bowl. The kid is special... he's like a young Rod Smith, only on defense.


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                    Originally posted by Anikai View Post
                    Dancing With The Stars after a tackle for marginal yardage.
                    WUT? Did you see his tackles for loss? His 3rd down stops? His coverage skills? He was my favorite player on defense.


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                      Unfortunately ...

                      ... Wesley is best suited as WLB in a split-front D. He is so good, he'll find a way into the new lineup. He is not a safety. Spencer Larsen also played well last year. It was a good draft/CFA. If only '09 will be as good.
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                        where will he fit in?

                        I'd say between Darrel Reid and Mario Haggan on the bench. Which in unfortunate because I like him as a player. Maybe he can muscle up and get big enough to be an ILB in a 3-4.


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                          Wesley Woodyard - Taking the Next Step

                          I'm sure some of you already saw this since it's on the team website, but I figured I'd post it for those who haven't.


                          ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- In 2008, Wesley Woodyard went from undrafted free agent to special teams ace to defensive playmaker in one season. That's a lot for a rookie to take in, but Woodyard handled it like an old pro.

                          The 6-foot-1, 230-pound linebacker started six games last season, posting three double-digit tackle games including a career-high 13 and a forced fumble against the New York Jets.

                          "I love the game of football -- any time I am on the field I am going to try and give it my hardest," he said at the time.

                          He took over the starting duties when defensive captain D.J. Williams missed time with an injury. His speed, athleticism and excitement on the field quickly made him a favorite of teammates, coaches and fans.

                          Going into his sophomore season, Woodyard said he hopes his game will only continue to improve.

                          "I'm still in the same position -- I've got to prove myself and continue to do everything I did last year," he said. "I've got to continue to get better every day at practice and every day in the weight room."

                          Woodyard's continued growth will be a big part of the defense's turnaround in 2009, and a new addition to the Orange and Blue could help with that process.

                          Andra Davis, who comes to the Broncos in 2009 after being a defensive captain in Cleveland, brings another versatile weapon to the Denver linebacker corps. His locker sits adjacent to Woodyard's, and the eighth-year linebacker has already been impressed with the second-year linebacker's work-ethic.

                          "Wesley's a very athletic guy," Davis said. "He has unlimited potential -- I think he can definitely grow into being one of the best linebackers in this league. He's very humble and he works hard, so he's got what it takes."

                          Woodyard said Davis started sitting him down right away when he arrived, watching video together, going over the plays and just discussing how to dominate in the NFL.

                          "Any time you've got a leader like him on the team, that's always good for the defense," Woodyard said.

                          The two have bonded quickly -- Woodyard, the young player still hungry to learn and get better, and Davis, the veteran wise to the ways of the league. Part of the reason might be they're both SEC guys. Davis, a former Florida Gator, said he used to beat up on Woodyard's Kentucky Gators, but he says it with a laugh and the mutual respect is immediately evident.

                          "He's humble, he's a good dude and he works hard," Davis said. But most importantly -- "He's willing to listen."

                          "A lot of guys are not willing to listen, they think just because they play a little bit they've got everything figured out," Davis said. "But he's been listening to every little thing and piece of advice I give him. It makes it easy to want to help."

                          The success of Woodyard and the addition of players like Davis and defensive lineman/linebacker Darrell Reid, who won a Super Bowl in Indianapolis, can only help the depth of a linebacker corps that many expect big things from in 2009.

                          "We've got great starters and even the backups -- if somebody goes down, we want to make sure we don't miss a beat," Woodyard said. "We've got a competitive group this year, and we're going to try to keep it that way."

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                            I hope the new coaches also like Woodyard. :salute!:


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                              good post..
                              glad to see players in the locker room bonding with each other.
                              i think wesley has what it takes to be elite in this league for years to come..honestly..he just seems dedicated,motivated,and honored
                              to be in a broncos uniform.i think hes the type that will
                              take that will walk that extra mile to accomplish what need to be done..IMO..
                              but i think we got a great group of guys this year(last year also)..
                              but i think with the correct schemes this denver d can become
                              dominant again..with two vets(champ and b-dawk) in the secondary..
                              a proven dj.williams..a young talented wesley woodyard..dre davis..
                              i think the final results into building a superbowl enstablished d
                              is upgrading our dline(everyone knows that)...i think we address
                              that in the draft..i wish we could bring in julius
                              it will be a honor..i think we will have a productive season this year..
                              what our offense waz number 3 last year??.(i think)..
                              with cutler and josh working out there differences..
                              i think this offense will be number 1..yes number 1...:cutler:
                              My Fav 3 Broncos... 1. Demaryius 2. Von 3. Chris