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    Originally posted by Stan_The_Man_12 View Post
    Kudos to you P for manning up.

    I understand you guys are in a bind, JC's forfeiture of $100K is nothing to sneeze at and falls very short of the "we can work this out" expectations of most Bronco fans and the Broncos FO.

    From an interested outsiders perspective the wheels on the Donkie cart are slowly but surely starting to fall off and we are still 4 full months away from the 1st pre-season game.

    You guys arent panicking outwardly because you appear to have too much pride, but privately on the inside you guys have to have been producing gastric acid like there is no tomorrow for the last 3 months.

    Either way it still doesnt change reality: Cutler is 17-20 as a starter, the Broncos have been absent for 3 straight years from playoff contention, and are in a big hurry to make it 4, McDaniels has no credible background to be a head coach other than he interviews well and Jay Cutler is a bit more serious about his trade demand than even I expected. All signs continue to point to a disaster for you guys in 09.

    :cutler: =
    The truth of the matter is that I don't really disagree with you on some points. The Broncos Brass could stand to take a lesson in humility. Sometimes I think their egos get in the way of progress. However I don't think it will be quite as doom and gloom as you predict. I do believe it will once again be the Chargers and Broncos hashing out dominance of the AFC West while the other 2 teams continue scraping for 5 wins. This is of course hyperbole as no one can really predict what's going to happen.
    Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?


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      Originally posted by Stan_The_Man_12 View Post
      Desperate times for Bronco fans. They want to hold on to power, or still consider themselves to be a power in the AFC West, but the reality is that even now they realize that little universe is imploding all around them. The object of their ire is the main reason the Chargers have dominated them the past three seasons. Compare his stability to the Cutler fiasco and you have jealousy in its most egregious form.

      :cutler: =
      NO YOU DESERVE ANOTHER 8-8 season. We just want to win the division and for you to not make the playoffs.

      AFC West stank last year - Chargers at first, Broncoos at the end. Both our QBs had great numbers because they played half their games against crappy teams. For both teams they are expected to do better and the wins last season came on a cheap background.


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        Rivers losing steam

        Rivers 33-15 huh? lets see, Rivers had 14 wins his first season, 11 in his second and 8 last year. There seems to be a pattern here that I'm not quite understanding.


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          i think kc will be like the dolphins of last season....(team counted out but ends up doing great)


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            Originally posted by Thor View Post
            Rivers 33-15 huh? lets see, Rivers had 14 wins his first season, 11 in his second and 8 last year. There seems to be a pattern here that I'm not quite understanding.
            Apart from the obvious pattern, here's another -

            LT's Rushing Yardage - # of wins for SD
            1815 - 14 (2006)
            1474 - 11 (2007)
            1110 - 8 (2008)

            Rivers is nothing more than a passenger on that team.
            Hoping for a defensive-minded head coach and a return to the ZBS on offense. At the very least, no more cheaters for head coach.


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              Originally posted by Binary Bolt Fan View Post
              Completely agree with your assessment of the Raiders. It pains me greatly to say it, but if they get some blocking up front, they could be extremely dangerous. Russell is not a good decision maker and throws the ball on a line - which gives underneath defenders more chances to snatch his line drives. Bush and McFadden are a pretty nice tandem...

              Defensively though, they may not be ready to stop the run. I think they'll give all teams in the division more fight than fans might expect. 7-9 is possible.

              KC is a box of chocolates. I thought Herm did a great job of keeping his guys fighting in spite of the hopelessness of their season. I can't say whether Cassell is going to be any good or not. He's out of the NE system and has a new OC for the first time in his career. I really don't expect him to be all that great. I thought he would of been far better if he'd come to Denver to play with McPariah.

              KC has a nice young nucleus on defense... hard to say, but my hunch is a 6 win season this year is all I can imagine for them.

              Broncos have a season of turmoil ahead. I think McDaniels is going to get the worst reception ever afforded a new HC in the NFL. I expect the booing to shower down on him like a summer storm. If things go wrong? ...oye, it'll be ugly. And the probability is high... Marshall may well be dealing with another suspension, the defense hasn't improved in spite of your old new safety. Offensively, McDaniels doesn't have the type of offensive line he's used to fielding, so he's going to have to probably deviate from his standard offense this year while he rebuilds his roster.

              He's got to get control of Jay, something Jay doesn't want...and the fans seem to support him on that?? I can't wait to see how this pairing unfolds as TC nears.
              Obviously, Denver is a proud franchise, so its hard to imagine a losing season, but that is likely going to be the result of what is a rebuilding year (or two). You guys give Cutler a bit too much credit and he's your main hope for a successful season. 7 wins.

              And finally my Chargers...TOTAL DOMINATION!!!

              J/k - I think they have a really tough schedule and I think 10 wins is about right. As you know, we have the highest rated passer in the NFL last year. He played behind an offensive line that was as bad as they've been in years. Our center and L tackle weren't healthy all season. Our RT was learning on the job and played next to a guard who's broken down. He's been replaced by Fourney - a Pro bowler who spent last year watching and healing.

              The Chargers offense should benefit from a healthy line. LT is on a mission to prove he's not over the hill and Norv finally realizes what a weapon Sproles can be.

              Defensively, Ron Rivera has taken over for the overmatched Ted Cottrel. I think the Chargers might throw out a lot of new wrinkles defensively since Rivera only learned the 3-4 last year and will likely shift between their based D and a 4-3. Of course, your favorite LB'er to denigrate is back and will be playing to show he's worth $100mil. We've got a weak D line and have issues at ILB and potentially Safety.

              Add Merriman with Rivera's attacking defense and the Chargers D might be improved well enough to make them contenders for the big game.

              Still, tough schedule and a Conference where nobody knows what to expect out of 3 of the 4 teams...

              Chargers will win the division again and I expect the other teams to be in a horse race to the finish.
              Sorry...can't agree with your analysis of the Bolts! They have a head coach who fell into a great team and has steadily led them down from the top of the mountain. I went to one game where he was overheard calling an offensive play when they were on defense. When this "minor" fact was brought to his attention he got upset and yelled at his assistants for not keeping him advised of everything going on! Uhh...Norv...if the other team has the ball, you're on defense! Rivers is not bad but more credit should go to the team than to him. Regardless of the great players they have I can't see them taking the division this year. But for a major collapse by the Broncs and a string of good luck for the Bolts last year, the Division crown would not have been with SD last season. Then Norv throws several assistants under the bus because he can't accept blame for himself and, guess what, the Broncs pick up a couple of the assistant coaches with great creds. Should be an interesting season for the division and I believe the Broncos have as good a chance as SD to reign in the crown this season.


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                Originally posted by AC1 View Post
                So you're saying there is a significant difference between Brian Griese attempting 340 passes and Rivers attempting 478, and that makes the former a game-manager and the latter a playmaker. The difference between 478 and 340 is 138. Guess what is 478 plus 138? That's right, it's 616 - the number of pass attempts Cutler had this year. So if 138 pass attempts separate a playmaker from a game-manager, that must make Cutler twice the playmaker Rivers is, right?

                The fact is that in the only season so far that Cutler and Rivers had comparable attempts (2007), Cutler was better in nearly every category -


                And this favorable comparison to Cutler is depsite his first full season starting, his defense being historically bad, his ofensive line not being particularly great (only 7 QBs were sacked more than him in 2007, and no Rivers wasn't one of them).

                Moreover, for Rivers' first two years starting, LT won the rushing title and your defense ranked #7 and #5 in scoring defense. The first year that his RB doesn't win the rushing title and his defense ranks outside the top 10, he "leads" his team to a 4-8 record. (As for the four-win streak you guys had to end the season, he threw for over 300 yards only once and in two games barely crossed the 200-yard mark. By contrast, your defense forced 2.5 turnovers a game and averaged less than 300 yards allowed per game. You decide who was more responsible for that 4-game winning streak).

                And this year, with LT struggling having his worst year, our D falling apart, o-o-line struggling, Rivers had his best season and carried the Chargers.

                Meanwhile, with a HOF coach, the best pass protection o-line, #2 ranked rushing game in YPA and 12th overall and a D that didn't lose 4 leads in the final 23 seconds, Cutler regressed from 07 while Rivers had a monster season with higher avg, less ints, better td/int ratio, higher td %, more tds, lower int %, higher comp%, higher QB rating.

                In 07, Rivers went 13-6, Cutler went 7-9. Their numbers were almost identical.

                In 08, Cutler went 8-8, Rivers 9-9, but Rivers numbers butchered Cutler's.

                Avging 29 attempts per game is no a game manager. Avging 38 is excessive.

                Fact is, Rivers did better the more he threw and SD as a team did better. Cutler did worse the more he threw and so did Denver.

                We won the last 4, cause Rivers had 11 tds and 1 int. Our O avged 35 PPG in the last 4.

                Your 3 game fall, Cutler had 2 tds and 4 ints, last 4 games. 4 tds and 5 ints.

                Your last 3 games your O avged 18 PPG

                Face it, Rivers has established himself as an elite top 4 franchise QB. Cutler hasn't and is consider middle of the pack..


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                  Originally posted by Thor View Post
                  Rivers 33-15 huh? lets see, Rivers had 14 wins his first season, 11 in his second and 8 last year. There seems to be a pattern here that I'm not quite understanding.
                  And yet with 15 less starts for Cutler, he has 5 more losses than Rivers. Can you understand that? :cutler:


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                    Originally posted by ChargersDivison View Post
                    And yet with 15 less starts for Cutler, he has 5 more losses than Rivers. Can you understand that? :cutler:
                    Go away troll.

                    Go to the smack section. Stop trying to infect our ENTIRE board with your disease. (stupidity)


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                      Originally posted by iowabronco24 View Post
                      I can't really take anything you say seriously when you tried to say that without our defense Cutler would have only won 2 games? If thats a joke, then ok, but if thats really your logic of thought I can only assume your so desperate to rag on Cutler that you've become to delusional to even give come up with a good arguement. But c'mon, in the 2 games that I know you watched last season, the D gave up 80 points? 80 friggin points in 2 games? The fact is we won 8 games in spite of a pathetic defense, and when we do get a good defense, you will know because your rain of power in the West will be OVER.
                      Sorry you feel that way, don't look at your D's overall numbers, which is heavily effected by Cutler's ineffectiveness and your O's ineffectiveness and turnover problems, as well as inability to produce in the 2nd half of games. Actually Denver's offense is horrible in the 2nd half. At scoring, sustaining drives, coverting 3rd downs, utilizing redzone posessions, ball protection. Your overall numbers on D are exaggerated, due to your O doing nothing in a number of games.

                      Your D stop SD on a perfectly thrown 60 plus yd hail mary on a tight rope by Rivers that hit Chambers in the hands, in a crowd of 3 bronco defenders that they knocked down. To seal the win.

                      Your D stopped NO's on a key 3rd down that forced a longer FG that they missed.

                      Key turnovers in the 4th vs Cleveland and a stopped game winning TD by Roddy White that was stopped. By putting pressure on Ryan and forcing White to the end of the endzone.

                      Your D holding TB to 13 points, Oak to 14 points. How bout stopping KC on a 4th and goal for the go ahead score.

                      Your D's numbers were skewed by how ineffective Cutler and your offense was in the 2nd half of games. Also with great field position that opposing team had.