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Denver to start the season at HOME, vs. the Cowboys!!

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    Originally posted by BurgessRudy View Post
    Wow, The Broncos are not only going to lose to the Cowboys they will lose at home and to their former head coach who went 1-5 in his first 5 games as a Broncos Head Coach.

    Looks like Wade will be comforting McDaniels after the game on losing as a Broncos head coach.
    The math is a bit perplexing. 1-5 in five games?
    vote HILLIS in 2009!


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      Wade Phillips = puppet for jerry jones to control team through....
      Born and raised on Broncos football! 27 and counting....


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        I hope we beat them... I have hate Dallas more then any other NFL football team should be a good game IF Jay Cutler is here if it's Chris Simms sadly its a lost for Denver


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          I am thinking this first game is a huge indicator for the team's abilities.

          If we come out and beat Dallas, it instantly relieves pressure from McDaniels and the rest of his squad (team included, obviously). We know Dallas has and will will be a year in year out competitor. They are coming to our house, if we win it will go a long way putting to rest the thoughts that we are a team in turmoil, rather than a competitor. I would be really excited.

          If we lose... eh. It is sort of expected, but if we can't beat the tough teams this season. San Diego should take the division, again. I mark up week 1 as a huge game. We have the time to prepare, get it done McDaniels.


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            I hope this is a nationally broadcast game here in San Diego. Romo vs. Cutler is an awesome match.