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Ranking our best players on Offense and Defense

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    Originally posted by Pura Vida View Post

    1. Cutler
    2. Clady
    3. Royal
    4. Harris
    5. Hillis

    No Brandon until he can get over his drops and stay out of Jail.


    1. Champ
    2. Dawkins
    3. Andre davis
    4. Goodman
    5. DJ

    We still have the worst front 7 in the league- Thanks for focusing on our weaknesses coach.
    Andra Davis? You kidding me? Woodyard/DJ/Larsen are ALL better than Davis. He's not even going to start next season. If he does, well here goes to another season of horrible defense.



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      I'm very pleased to see the amount of respect Clady is getting on this thread. I like all the Broncos' players, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be Clady.

      However, I cannot put him at #1 over Cutler. The argument between the value of a left tackle and a QB is something I debate with people quite often. I would say that the difference depends upon the type of QB being compared. If it's a game-manager type QB, who mostly hands off to the running back (Pennington, Kerry Collins, Matt Ryan etc.) then no question it is the LT that is far more valuable. However, as a QB Cutler is a playmaker at the position. No team has needed their QB to do more than the Broncos have asked of Cutler the past two seasons. So, even after deducting points for lack of tact and media-savvy (not to mention grooming), he is still IMO the best player on offense (and arguably the team).

      Another point I differ from others on is the quality of our receivers. I don't believe any of them fit into the top 5 on offense. You can't lead the league in drops and have any receivers in your top 5.

      Here're my lists -

      Offense -

      1. Jay Cutler
      2. Ryan Clady
      3. Casey Wiegmann
      4. Ryan Harris
      5. Chris Kuper/Daniel Graham

      Defense -

      1. Champ Bailey
      2. DJ Williams

      It's pretty much a crapshoot from here on and one can hope that the players we draft fill up atleast two of the next three spots.

      3. Brian Dawkins
      4. Marcus Thomas
      5. Elvis Dumervil
      Hoping for a defensive-minded head coach and a return to the ZBS on offense. At the very least, no more cheaters for head coach.


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        1 Jay Cutler

        2 Ryan Clady

        3 Ryan Harris

        4 B Marsh

        5 Eddie Royal

        ( Graham and Hillis would be tied at 6th, if we went that far.)

        1 Champ Bailey

        2 DJ Williams ( by popular vote)

        3 Brian Dawkins

        4 Woodyard

        5 Larsen / B.Bailey

        And the best player on the team is, Champ Bailey.
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          Originally posted by I Hate SD Alot View Post
          I'm still pissed we got rid of Calvin Lowry! That guy could play.
          Was that the safety, #37? I honestly think he might have been the worst player to ever put on a Broncos uniform.


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            Originally posted by Brody Epic View Post
            Was that the safety, #37? I honestly think he might have been the worst player to ever put on a Broncos uniform.
            Calvin Lowry just may have been the greatest safety to ever grace a football field. I was mad when we got rid of him, and now with Mustard gone, I'm done being a Broncos fan.


            By the way, google image search Calvin lowry and in just about every one of the pictures he is missing a tackle. God he was horrible.

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