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  • Bears moved up in my next to Denver fave teams list. Don't listen to the haters because they are in denial. Bears will win enough games to limit next years no.1 to a no.2. I'll be rooting for them in the NFC central next year.
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    • Originally posted by MileHighHitMan7 View Post
      Broncos get shafted by their own undoing. Bears will win enough games to guarantee that next years no.1 will be as good as a no.2.
      Hmm. A 17-20 qb turns them into contenders. Absolutely not. They have no legit no. 1 receiver. Marks my words Bears will not win over 10 games next year. Only reason they get to 10 is bc of a less than steller divsion.


      • I Love This Trade

        100th Post what timing.

        I think this great.....

        Denver gets 18th pick 3rd (84th) and a 2010 1st and Kyle Orton

        Bears get Cutler and a 5th

        Denver is going into rebuilding mode and now they have the options to do it.

        We can finally rebuild the defense this gives us an *** load of picks this year. (Not to mention Scheffler might be on way out for another.)

        Denver's Picks this year

        1st Round -12th and 18th
        2nd Round - 48th
        3rd Round - 79th and 84th
        4th Round - 114th
        6th Round - 2 picks
        7th Round - 2 picks

        I'm loving it fill out all the Defensive needs. Draft a Qb next year or a late round QB (Matt Cassel system QB).

        The long term is amazing for Denver we could have a rebuilt Defense.

        2 first round picks NEXT year more holes to fill.

        Cutler will get murdered next year behind a crappy line and has no one to throw to.
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        • Originally posted by MisterGuinness View Post
          Better QB class next year. One of the 1st rounders will be used for a QB next year
          unless we win the superbowl with orton at the helm next forgot that scenario ....hold the flames im kidding
          however his stats really arent that far off jay,s and he's only 26 and is taller (does that help?)
          i'm a BRONCO'S fan !:go:


          • Good call!

            You guys gave up WAY too much though. At least you have a semi decent QB now.

            Grats Bronco fans!


            • Originally posted by BroncoKazuki View Post
              Its the... 1983 Colts Denver trade all over again...

              I wont be surprised if Jay flourishes really well to the point half the McDaniles apologist will be calling for McDaniles head...
              Correction: the point ALL of the McDaniels apologists will be calling for his head. I call before week 8. Kyle Orton?? wow.


              • Originally posted by Cugel View Post
                All you Jay Haters still think this was a great move?

                Why th F didn't they at least take Detroit's #1 pick if they were going to trade Cutler? Then they could have drafted Matt Stafford and we could at least have hoped to have a QB who could be a SB caliber QB in a few years!

                KYLE ORTON has a career 71 passer rating! He had 18 TDs and 12 Ints!

                He's a career backup! A 4th round draft pick 4 years ago who's done nothing and whom the Bears were hoping to ship out of town!

                And the draft picks SUCK!

                #18??? and next year's draft pick will be a LOT worse, with Cutler on the Bears they will be favorites to win their division, so next years' pick should be around #20 or worse!

                Josh McDaniels completes the destruction of the Broncos!
                Yes this is a great move, taking the #1, paying stafford three times as much as orton would have been stupid. the draft is going to be exciting, and this is a beautiful day.

                Who in the hell is jay going to throw it to in chicago, and who is going to block for him. He is going to get pulverized
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                • I'm pretty stoked on this trade. McDaniels system does not need cutler. With all of these draft picks the broncos need to trade up for Mark Sanchez and rebuild the defense. GOOD TRADE BRONCOS!!


                  • CALL A SHERIFF.... Josh McDaniels just robbed the city of Chicago!!!!!!!!


                    • Originally posted by MileHighHitMan7 View Post
                      Broncos get shafted by their own undoing. Bears will win enough games to guarantee that next years no.1 will be as good as a no.2.
                      He will need a line and WRs to do that.

                      Jay will get sacked more times this year and throw more INTs this year.

                      Not to mention their OC is lame as a dead duck.


                      • You guys came out like a fat rat on this one. Grats!


                        • I just think we didnt get enough for Cutler in return. I woulda rather had Quinn/Rogers. Whaaaaatever, at least the boards can get back to "Normal" now


                          • I'm about ready to cry over this ridiculous nonsense, I truly hope the broncos have a plan to get rid of Kyle "POS" Orton before he ever puts on a jersey and tosses a pick for our team!!! I would rather have Chris "Don't gotta spleen" Simms as our qb then the bum from chicago!! Think about it, all they needed was a decent qb and they're superbowl contenders every year and Orton wasn't it for them so why in the hell would we want him for our qb. If it's a short term fix then that's unacceptable, our offence was #2!!!! we needed to fix the d and make a run, simple as that. Sick to my stomach right now


                            • What spot did the Bears have in this years draft? 10 or 11 or something?


                              • Originally posted by MileHighInNY View Post
                                The only problem with your theory is that for several seasons the Bears have been a top contending team except for terrible QB play, which has held them back. With Cutler, they are primed to tear up the league, and odds are really good that the Bears' pick next year will be in the mid to late 20s. Try picking up Bradford or McCoy next year with pick #28.

                                You're forgetting that the Broncos pick will be in the top 5!

                                They can probably get one of the top 2 QBs with their own pick. It's true that the trade was horrible though.

                                On the bright side, if they Broncos win no more than 4 games this year (good bet with Chris Sims and Kyle Orton to choose from) then they will draft a QB next year and perhaps he'll be ready to start by the time JOSH McDANIELS IS FIRED TO START THE 2010 SEASON!