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Orton / Cutler trade

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  • I agree, this trade is gold, especially long term, 2 first round picks this year, 2 first round picks next year. sweet!


    • My sig needs MAJOR updating lol.



      • I would have rather they kept Orton and just gave us the picks. The Broncos better have another plan for The QB Position than Orton and Simms.


        • if the details of the trade are true i think we really got railed. And if so, i just fell off the McDaniels Wagon..


          • Originally posted by JAT View Post
            idk apparently McDipnuggets was looking into Sanchez...could he fall to 12?
            Not unless the S.F. 49ers are a lot dumber than they look.


            • haha Orton!!!!? He can't even make a throw. The Bears fans are loving this trade and for good reason. They have a great defense, great special teams, great running back (Forte), great line, great tight end (Greg Olsen), and now...a great QB. The only weak link on that offense is WRs, but Jay will make what they have better.

              Orton, on the other


              • Broncos get K. Orton, and 1st rnd pick 09, 10 and a 3rd round pick in 09

                I like the trade pretty good value and should get a stud at 18

                What do you think?
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                • We better use our picks this year on D. Get one of the top qb's next year like Bradford.


                  • can't wait to see cutler try and force it to hester, that would be a disaster!


                    • Originally posted by Cugel View Post
                      All you Jay Haters still think this was a great move?

                      Why th F didn't they at least take Detroit's #1 pick if they were going to trade Cutler? Then they could have drafted Matt Stafford and we could at least have hoped to have a QB who could be a SB caliber QB in a few years!

                      KYLE ORTON has a career 71 passer rating! He had 18 TDs and 12 Ints!

                      He's a career backup! A 4th round draft pick 4 years ago who's done nothing and whom the Bears were hoping to ship out of town!

                      And the draft picks SUCK!

                      #18??? and next year's draft pick will be a LOT worse, with Cutler on the Bears they will be favorites to win their division, so next years' pick should be around #20 or worse!

                      Josh McDaniels completes the destruction of the Broncos!
                      I have been an Orton hater with the rest of them, but looking at it I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. He had zero decent receivers last year, a shakey O line, and got hurt and played with a messed up ankle.

                      Take in to account the impact all these draft picks should have on our defense, we may be decent shape. I love Cutler, its a sh**ty situation, so I'm trying to find some light at the end of the tunnel.

                      Also, a lot of people were talking like we'd only get 2 1st's and a 3rd, and that's it. So the Orton thing was like a "here you go, take this too." So if he doesn't work out, we draft next year.


                      • Yes we did get a lot for Cutler, but I just have a sick feeling we're really going to be regretting this for years to come. God I hope not. I might vom.


                        • You love this trade?

                          Really? Kyle Orton is going to be our QB next year.

                          I'll love this trade in four years if we can find some talent in the draft, but today it is f'ing awful.


                          • Originally posted by Twizlers View Post
                            My sig needs MAJOR updating lol.
                            I think like 40% of people on here need to change names and sigs


                            • Originally posted by Momentum View Post
                              CALL A SHERIFF.... Josh McDaniels just robbed the city of Chicago!!!!!!!!
                              Originally posted by Nick Hardwick View Post
                              You guys came out like a fat rat on this one. Grats!
                              Two people with common sense. Nice

                              Chicago is so Screwed all for a QB who had no defense with no playoff experience.

                              Now Cutler has a defense with no Offense and no playoff experience LOL

                              At least they got Old man Pace to help him a little.
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                              • Originally posted by tsiguy96 View Post
                                and equally likely, cutler continues his mopey failure and we are all ecstatic we dropped him when we did.
                                Lets see...

                                Bears have,

                                A ranked Defense of .... 16th with an average of 21.9 ppg.... thats very good.
                                A special teams that has Devon Hester... good field position.
                                A Run game in Matt Forte who tore it up for the Bears.
                                Now add Cutler into that mix... I say the Bears ON PAPER have a Deep Playoff threat team.

                                The Broncos have...

                                A Questionable Defense.... (Champ may ask for a trade as soon as this year or next year... No ring contention = no reason for him to stay)
                                No Special Teams threat = still was league poor in field position
                                No Run game?
                                Kyle Ortin a 2rd string QB who got the nod over Grossman... who btw Ortin is not even that good at all so him saying anything about how 'cass' he is he's a minor star not worth mentioning.. the guy will disappear from the league eventually.

                                So what do you mean.. he may be mopy around we just Put Jay in a position where he has very little pressure to do anything other then "go out and have fun" time for him. Were risking the Broncos' Future on Draft pics... Draft pics I sure hope McD knows what he's doing because I'll start calling for his head once he goes 0-2
                                McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

                                Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.