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  • Dude, are you blind and deaf?

    We didn't trade for Kyle Orton.

    We traded for 2 -#1's and a 3rd. Orton was just the bonus throw-in that the Bears didn't need.

    I still say Orton vs. Simms for starter. We trade the loser for more value from the trade. And we draft our QB of the future.

    If you think we only got a 1/4 of his worth, you're fooling yourself. People around the country are saying we robbed the Bears! Better get your calculator out, and stop trying to do math in your head.
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    Where is this season going?


    • DAL sent DET a 1st & 3rd for Roy Williams?

      Cutler > RW.

      How do we not get SIGNIFICANTLY more for a 26 yr-old, franchise QB, earning 1 mil a year for the next 3 years?

      This trade did not need to happen today.

      We should have held out for a 2nd, not a third, and for keeping our 5th. Simple as that. A defensive player would have been nice too.


      • Originally posted by MileHighInNY View Post
        The only problem with your theory is that for several seasons the Bears have been a top contending team except for terrible QB play, which has held them back. With Cutler, they are primed to tear up the league, and odds are really good that the Bears' pick next year will be in the mid to late 20s. Try picking up Bradford or McCoy next year with pick #28.
        Not really. Who did Kyle Orton/Rex Grossman have to throw the ball to? Who will Cutler have to throw the ball to? Chicago's O-line is nothing like Denver's. Not to mention what the weather will do to even elite QBs. I think Cutler is in for a rude awakening, especially once the much more brutal Chicago media gets ahold of him after a poor decision in the Red Zone. Denver media loved him, and was kind...Chicago media loves no one. If his feelings are hurt now...just wait.

        I'm curious to see how Orton does if he's the starter. He's serviceable, will have a better O-line, and far more weapons to which to throw the ball. That may be just enough to get through until next year's better QB class. Then trade those two first round picks and take one of the top picks.

        They could solidify the D with two first round picks this year, which would be much more acceptable (IMO) than wasting one on a QB.

        Or, they may just trade the two from this year to the Chiefs...

        I'm not happy about the whole thing, and obviously both sides could have handled it better. But if Jay is selfish enough to let his feelings being hurt trump everything he could have done in Denver, then maybe we'll be better off in the long run without him.


        • Agreed

          Cutler was going anyways....Broncos got a lot in return. Rebuilding defense with first rounders. Possibly McD can improve Orton just like he did with Cassel


          • i dont trade up for a qb either....use these picks build up the defense esp. on the front 7 might get tyson jackson n ray ray or cushing or mayb a db...

            lots of rebuilding to do boys prolly least 2 years imo...


            • No Remorse?

              Everyone here seems pretty ecsatic about the trade, which you should be. You guys absolutely got the better deal in the trade.

              Just curious though, is no one here sad that Cutler is gone or fearful that the picks might not pan out?


              • Originally posted by Eliminatrix View Post
                I like the trade pretty good value and should get a stud at 18

                What do you think?
                I think we trade #18 to the Panthers for Julius Peppers... like, NOW!


                • Their franchise just went 3 years back signing the career loser, and giving up 2 FIRST ROUND PICKS.


                  • Orton Only has one year left so I don't think he is a long term solution.

                    He is a Great backup to try to start with our other Great back up.....LOL wait what
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                    • Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!!!

                      Thanks to our two bandits X-man and Mcd
                      Co-founders of the



                      • if you have a running back that's halfway decent, you will win the same amount of games w/ Orton as you did w/ Cutler. Orton's better than you think, and works with JMcD's system better than you think.


                        • I am extremely happy.

                          Bears get their QB which they have been lacking since ... man forever.

                          Browns keep Quinn Really makes me happy.

                          Broncos get ... Kyle Orton. Yay! Now they have their QB to build around - a backup. McDaniels now gets to show if he is as billed and can turn any QB into a winner. Now he gets to do what he is billed as. Is he as billed? Or is he the same "offensive" genius as Brian Billick? Who never could find a QB.

                          Time will tell. But right now - things aren't looking to good for the Broncos.

                          Before Broncomaniacs tear into me about "neither do the Browns". Well, the Browns have a young QB named Brady Quinn to build around. Denver? They get .... Kyle Orton ... or Chris Simms .... or a drafted QB....
                          The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

                          The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


                          • good luck to jay. i will miss using this :cutler: , even if it was only for awhile.


                            • Its not as if Orton is that bad of a QB.

                              Last season he thew for about 3000 yards 18 TD's and 12 INT's.

                              I think he can be quite servicable and hopefully McDaniels can tutor him into be a better QB. So lets not just throw Orton aside and assume he can not be servicable.


                              • Originally posted by *OrangeCrush* View Post
                                I think this great.....

                                Denver gets 18th pick 3rd (84th) and a 2010 1st and Kyle Orton

                                Bears get Cutler and a 5th

                                Denver is going into rebuilding mode and now they have the options to do it.

                                We can finally rebuild the defense this gives us an *** load of picks this year. (Not to mention Scheffler might be on way out for another.)

                                Denver's Picks this year

                                1st Round -12th and 18th
                                2nd Round - 48th
                                3rd Round - 79th and 84th
                                4th Round - 114th
                                6th Round - 2 picks
                                7th Round - 2 picks

                                I'm loving it fill out all the Defensive needs. Draft a Qb next year or a late round QB (Matt Cassel system QB).

                                The long term is amazing for Denver we could have a rebuilt Defense.

                                2 first round picks NEXT year more holes to fill.

                                Cutler will get murdered next year behind a crappy line and has no one to throw to.
                                DEN got fleeced. DAL sent a 1st & a 3rd for Roy Williams. We have 2 fifth rounders, but we send the earlier one to CHI? The 5th we traded away we got from SEA, and that is like the 5th pick in the 5th round... Not too shabby a pick right there.

                                You would think we could get DOUBLE what DET got for Roy Williams.

                                We should have demanded those two first rounders, a second round pick, and keep our 5th... We should have only sent that 5th IF they sent a defensive player over.