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  • Originally posted by DenBroFan22 View Post
    What spot did the Bears have in this years draft? 10 or 11 or something?

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    The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


    • Are you guys serious? Orton, #18 overall in 2009, 1st round pick in 2010, and 3rd pick this year, for Cutler and 1 of our 5th round picks.....That's a sweet deal for Denver if you ask me, considering they needed to unload Cutler. I'm shocked they were able to get that for him. Certainly Orton is no where near the QB that Cutler is, but Cutler doesn't want to be in Denver, so you gotta do what you gotta do and this team's management just swung a sweet deal when they were in a must trade situation. The Bears have bet the farm on Cutler, to bad he doesn't have anyone to throw too there. It's going to be interesting to see how many times he picks himself up off the field this year, as well as to see his numbers when the season is done. But then again, he doesn't have to score often because the Defense carries the load in the Windy City.


      • Orton is in his last year too. If he sucks, we can just get Colt! AND draft another player in the first round.


        • Wow I'm stoked I passed my 100th post with this Robbery
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          • I agree with you on your last point, at least we got a bevy of picks as well, just hope chicago sucks balls this year so our first next year is an early to middle pick for us. I hate this rebuilding bs though, we've been "rebuilding" since 1998 and I'm bloody tired of it, we need defencive help big time so we better be spending every single pick on the defencive side of the ball!!


            • It's only a great deal if we don't whiff on the picks. If we whiff then it's terrible for us. But it also gives us the potential to rebuild the defense with four 1st rounders and an extra 3rd rounder over the next two years. Orton, in Chicago, had a mediocre o-line and no WR's as well. While we have a top 3 o-line and a top 8 WR set. Great deal... as long as we make those picks pay off!


              • We're drafting Colt McCoy next year with that first round. Write it down.

                Can we get rid of this Cutler icon now? Unless McCoy wants to wear number six as well.
                Knowshon Moreno Fanclub, Number Nineteen.


                • Weeeeee hooo!!!! Instant Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                  • Correction: Broncos get 2 firsts (09,10) and Orton and Bears get Cutler and your 3rd

                    There have been reports about denver getting two 1st rounders, a 3rd and Orton and Bears getting Cutler and they are wrong..

                    ESPN is reporting it's Broncos get the two firsts as reported (09,10) QB Kyle Orton and the Bears get Cutler and the Broncos 3rd rounder...

                    Can anyone confirm this as well?(I will search for a link)

                    Thank you!

                    Good Job Denver...


                    • Seriously this is an amazing trade. Who is to say Orton is our qb and not the backup? Sure simms isn't the answer, but next year there are good qbs coming out. We will have 2 1st round picks next year. It's pretty safe to say the bears are going to suck this year (at least a top 15 pick). They have no wrs and their defense is aging. They also lost a lot of their draft picks.

                      Everyone knew we were going to trade Cutler. This was a good trade.


                      • Originally posted by Momentum View Post
                        Their franchise just went 3 years back signing the career loser, and giving up 2 FIRST ROUND PICKS.
                        3 years... well see but our franchise is gonna have huge questions were gambling everything on a Rookie HC with draft pics..

                        DRAFT PICS that may not pan out. 50/50 shot.....

                        god... momentum i wonder if you'll be calling for his head or will you be one to give McD a pass..

                        Honestly once he goes 0-2 Im gonna be ramping up the fire McDaniles messages, that rook of a coach has to to win this year... no excuses.
                        McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

                        Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.


                        • Originally posted by Legendary30 View Post
                          I would have rather they kept Orton and just gave us the picks. The Broncos better have another plan for The QB Position than Orton and Simms.
                          EXACTLY!!! Thats what I am thinking!!!
                          SOMEBODY!!! ANYBODY!!!! GIVE ME A MILE HIGH SALUTE!!!!


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                            • I wonder if they will be ecstatic when he yells at his recievers after a drop.

                              I wonder if they will be ecstatic when he tries to fit the ball into a tight spot and it gets picked.

                              I wonder if they will be ecstatic when they see him hanging his head on the bench while his defense is on the field after he throws a pick.

                              I wonder if they will be ecstatic when, his contract is up and he wants to be the highest paid QB in the NFL.

                              I wonder if they will be ecstatic when the Broncos are using their first round picks to build an a team.

                              I wonder if they will be ecstatic when, he tells the press about Hester "He's not my favorite person right now"

                              I wonder if they will be ecstatic when he continues to NOT make the playoffs.

                              I wonder...........


                              • Don't forget about Marshall, Scheffler, and Royal!

                                These guys made Jay look good often. If they can all be healthy and on the field the offense is still dangerous