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  • Originally posted by slap-a-raider View Post
    You know, I'm kind of wrapping my mind around this. We actually might not be 8-8. I've watched Kyle Orton since he was at Purdue. He did very well actually. His name was thrown around on ESPN for Heismann talk for a second. While with the Bears in HIS ROOKIE SEASON...he led them to an 11-5 record and a # 2 seed in the NFC that year. He got hurt at the end of the year, and Rex Grossman lost the game for them. He didn't start much, because management in Chicago were convinced that Grossman would blossom into a star. How wrong were they. Orton eventually re-gained his starter position and led the Bears to a 9-7 mark I believe it was last year, missing the playoffs mathematically. He went 11-5 with Mushin Muhammad and Bernard Berrian. Think what he'll do with Marshall and Royal. As much as I love Jay, and hate to see him go. As much as I don't like Josh McDaniel's handling of the situation...this might not be bad for us. I like the Bears, but I love the Broncos. I'm a fan to the end. Let's get ready for 09, all B.S. aside.

    NUFF SAID!!!

    Well said.

    We're not doomed, Orton CAN get it done in the right system with the right talent. We just need to use this year's picks on defense and hopefully it'll all work out...



    • Chance for our defense to get some rare interceptions...LOL!!!
      I've started with almost nothing and still got most of it


      • Originally posted by omeletpants1 View Post
        Jeff, I have already emailed copies of these messages and voice mail to a friend at the Elgin Police Department. If you step foot on my property you will have more problems than you can imagine in more than one way.
        off topic: haha omlet you live in elgin?


        I hope this really works out for both teams because the broncos are my favorite afc team and I truly wish them the best of luck. I know Josh Mcdaniels is a great smart guy who's very humble, and the broncos fans deserve the team to be at the top again.

        Although with cutler and shannahan gone it's gonna be harder to cheer for them
        Chicago Bears- Hey our fans aren't stupid, just insane


        • Originally posted by sage View Post
          How many average QBs has Orton lost the starting job too? I'd rather see Hackney behind center then Orton.:doh:
          This is the talk of somebody who speaks with rectum.

          You certainly don't know how Jerry Angelo or the Bears operate.

          Angelo and the Bears will sit the better player. They have done it repeatedly.

          Angelo threw away 2004 to protect Grossman from competition. He nearly did the same thing in 2005, but Orton managed to be good enough to allow the team to win. Grossman was going to get every chance in the world as well as everybody else's chances. Griese was somebody who Angelo was pursuing for a while. Angelo has a theory you need to find a QB with NFL QB lineage (Grossman qualified by with relatives who played other positions in the NFL). Plus Angelo gave Griese starting money.

          There was no way Angelo was allowing Orton beat out either of his two pets.


          • We got rid of one petulant child but we still have one coaching the team. IMHO neither side handled this well. The immaturity on both sides was staggering. I will say that I have canceled my Sunday Ticket subscription because I can't afford to keep it if my team's simply going to slide to the back of the weak-ass AFC West.

            Jay, your screwed in Chi-town. No protection, no one to throw to. You got your wish, hope you enjoy it.

            McDoosh, you're not the second coming of Belicheat. You better nail this draft to the wall and win more than 7 this season or you'll be slipping into obscurity rather quickly.
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            • already a thread on this....


              • i have already posted a thread on this but yeah it would be nice for denver to get some payback on the little crybaby qb


                • Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
                  If Chicago were smart, they'd sit Cutler in that game.
                  or sic cutler on the Broncos Defense that may not improve in time.

                  Imagine the score 52- 14 Bears Victory,

                  The Boos would be defining and I dont think it will be towards Cutler for the most part.... All boos would be on McDaniles and Bowlen for allowing such a player leaving.

                  We are talking about the trades that are in the same breath as the GB/Atl trade for Farve, the Den/Balt Colts trade for Elway.

                  Now we got Den/Bears trade for Cutler...

                  god i feel sick... this franchise now lost its way and is sinking into the Patriots failed ways because no Pats way has had a legit SB run outside of NE.
                  McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

                  Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.


                  • Jay Cutler was one of the better QBs in the league and Denver dumps him?
                    Does the front office realize how hard it is to find QBs like Cutler?

                    I feel sorry for the Broncs deserve better.


                    • Originally posted by broncojuan View Post
                      You sound like all the people who said we would be better after Elway retired.
                      who said that? no one with half a brain would say we would be better with brian griese then john elway.
                      john elway retired cause it was his time to retire.

                      cutler is no john elway.
                      Bronco fan 33 years and counting, GO BRONCOS!


                      • We will heal, but yes, it's going to take some time (and winning). If McD puts together a squad that gets to the playoffs and has success, things will look up. If he does not...well then, expect problems come offseason. Either way, I wish Jay the best and many wins (unless he faces Denver, then I still will root for us to beat him) and suspect that this year, at least, Chicago will do better overall than Denver. I thought that anyways though, as in any rebuilding year you should expect to lose a few more games overall. I'll be changing my sig soon, going to take some time to decide exactly what to put there. In the meantime, I'll keep the Cutler pic while I'm in a bit of a mourning period.
                        Fire Rick Dennison - This Signature will stay until the worst playcaller in the NFL is gone.


                        • Originally posted by #28 View Post
                          I do not understand people who harsh on Tim Tebow at all. Did you not see the national championship game? The guy put the team entirely on his shoulders, did all the work. His fire and determination are like nothing I've ever seen.

                          He made history when he won the Heisman, pulled some Elway-like magic out to come back and win a national title, and will probably do it again this year. Listen to what he said after the loss to Ole Miss, and tell me how can you possibly think Tim Tebow isn't an NFL superstar in the making?

                          I think jealousy plays a huge part in people dogging Tebow. Can't stand how good he is, can't stand that he is changing the whole system. If McDaniels drafted him, I could almost instantly forget this entire embarassing ordeal.
                          You think Tebow would make a great NFL QB and you're from the Great Pacific Northwest......Two :salute!: for you dude.

                          Team Tebow #515


                          • Excellent post, CP to you sir.

                            I have been hearing nothing but good things about Kyle from people that know a hell of alot more about football then most of us here. Those names being Ditka, Schereth and Dilfer.

                            I have watched several videos on this guy now and im convinced we did get the better of the deal. Hell I think the 2 1st rounders and 3rd were good enough but now you throw in this warrior and man Im glad to see Cutlet go.


                            • :salute!: I like the way you look at this. Although the whole drinking thing scares me a little. Hopefully that is behind him, and maybe McD does know what he is doing. I guess we will soon find out what his plans for the future are in the draft.


                              • Adam Schefter: Jay Cutler is the big winner out of this trade

                                They just played a soundbite on Fox 31 News in which Adam Schefter stated that the biggest winner out of this trade is Jay Cutler, because he gets to be reunited with his left tackle out of Vanderbilt and he wanted to play for Chicago when he was coming out of college.