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    I watched that NFLN interview as well, the very end you could tell he felt caught. When rich asked him if he has initially asked for a trade when bates left his eyes went side to side and his whole demeanor changed. You could tell he felt as if rich knew the gig and how it went down. I still like jay as a player but you can tell from that interview (at least it seems this way) that jay was behind this from day one and McD looking into the trade was a great way of making this deal to get traded.


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      Originally posted by Cugel View Post
      Shannon Sharpe is right. Fans are hypocrites! If management wants to get rid of a player that's fine. If the player wants to be traded, he's an "ingrate!" and "disloyal."

      Cutler could do no wrong and was "great." Then he wants to be traded and suddenly he's a no-talent BUM and I "never liked him anyway!!"

      Never fails.
      Agreed. I truly can understand that people feel rejected and burned. But that's all this is, business. The same people who were saying "it's a business, show up to work" are the same people that can't understand that Jay made a career decision the he felt was in his best interest. He followed the SOP to a tee, exactly what he was supposed to do and added in a couple of bonehead comments along the way.

      I think maybe I'm a little further along in the "5 stages of death". I've accepted that he was gone the day that Cook called out Bowlen. That was the turning point here. I'm not saying there weren't hurt feelings along the way, on both sides, but I've accepted that he needed to go and the Broncos did their part to spin and spin to turn the fan base on Jay Cutler to regain support for the organization and start a bidding war to get best value. Everything was played out exactly as it was supposed to.