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    Originally posted by jc13 View Post
    well he hasnt had alot of playing time

    he was injured most of his rookie season

    last year he had 2.5 sacks in 12 games which isnt shaqtacular but who had the most sacks on our D? and how much was that ? im guessing not alot

    i just think this is his season

    if not then hes a bust..
    lmaoooooooooo shaqtacular yo that commercial is soooo funny stu said "hey how'd u get all of those q's" and shaq looked at him and said "dont worry about it" that look shaq gave him was classic

    but yea im lookin for a healthy champ


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      Of course i want to see how Orton does this year.I'm also excited to see how Hillis and Royal will follow up their rookie seasons.Iwant to see once and for all how good or bad Torain really is.I also want to see how Powell does on defense.


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        I'm breaking my list up into 2 parts. Non-Broncos/Broncos. Frankly, there are some players I'm excited to see play who are not on our team.


        Jones-Drew: With Taylor gone and a brand new contract Jones-Drew is now the work horse in Jacksonville. I don't like the Jags much, but Jones-Drew is one of my favorite players.

        Larry Fitzgerald: Just watching all the crazy catches he made in the playoffs last year gave me a new respect for that guy. He's like a walking highlight reel.

        My list of Non-Broncos is pretty short. Now on to the Bronco list:

        Eddie Royal: This kid can only get better.

        Wesley Woodyard: He hasn't gotten enough playtime yet. He's going to be amazing.

        Doom: Call me crazy, but I think a 3-4 D is just what Doom needs to get his pass rushing skills going.

        Peyton Hillis: This kid is a natural. He's going to have a great career.

        Corell Buckhalter: I expect him to fight and win one of the top 2 RB spots on this team.

        Jabar Gaffney: He is already familiar with the system. I expect him to make some plays.
        Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?


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          Champ, Champ & more Champ!


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            I'm excited to see if these players step up their game again this year:

            -Eddie Royal; to come in as a rookie expected to handle kick return responsibilities and then have the break out year he had on our offense? I can't wait to see how much he improves in getting seperation from defenders, and by running sharp pass routes.

            -Peyton Hillis; I was totally impressed with his hard nosed running last year, and also thought he might have the best pair of hands on the team. Whereas Bmarsh, Royal, Scheffler, and Stokely all had their share of dropped passes? I can't recall Hillis letting a single pass escape him once it made contact with his body.

            -Brandon Marshall; I'm looking forwards to seeing him have a better year now that he will physically be back at 100%. I just hope he can do a better job of hanging on to the football when it comes his way.

            -Champ Bailey; This is another player I am looking to see playing back at his normal levels. He should be physically back at 100% and if this new defense can provide some pressure on the QB while also giving him some help in the safety play behind him? He could be back in the double digit interception range this year.

            -Wesley Woodyard; While I'm not sure how they will use him? I am excited to see what he can accomplish this year. imo he was one of the highlights of a dismal defensive season last year.

            -Spencer Larsen; FB or MLB? does McDaniels see the same things in this guy that Shanahan saw? Will we utilize him on offense "if" Hillis is used in the rushing game. Also Does he have the ability to outplay Andra Davis to start in the middle?

            -Josh Bell; At one point last year Bell looked like he might be capable of being a very good 3rd CB in the nickle packages, will he get better and perhaps even beat out Goodman for the 2nd CB spot?

            -Brian Dawkins; I'm really interested in seeing his play this year, and seeing if he will have the impact on our defense that along with Hill, will free up Champ to do what he does best.

            -Kyle Orton; The great unknown for many of us Bronco fans is what kind of play can we expect from our newest QB? Will he be a difference maker with the potent offense he is playing in now, unlike the struggling TOP, field position offense he played in for the Bears?

            -Chad Jackson; I liked our pick-up of him last year, and hope to see him play a role in our passing game this year, especially if BMarsh does wind up missing some games due to suspension.

            -Jarvis Moss; He seems to be more naturally built and suited for a 3-4 defense and last year did see him making some strides. He started out riding the bench but by the end of the season he was seeing significant playing time and was applying some pressure to opponents QB's even though he only registered 2.5 sacks. I have hopes that he may break out as a 3-4 OLB.

            Now, those are the players I am excited to see this year. Especially Hillis and Champ more so perhaps than any of the others. Players or personnel that I will be watching closely this year, and am interested in how they do?

            -Dominique Foxworth; I liked him as a Bronco and I want to see how he does this year with his new team.

            -Jay Cutler; I think many of us will be following his career this year and watching as many of his games as we can, if they don't play in the same time slot as the Broncos. Some will watch so they can make fun of his misfortunes, some will watch just out of curiosity about how he will fare, and others will watch because they sincerely hope he does well with his new team. Regardless of your reasons though? He will be watched by many this year.

            -Josh McDaniels; Like Orton? Josh is largely an unknown to us Bronco fans. I will even go a step further and say that he is an unknown to the league in general. This is his first season as a head coach and already the spotlight has been on him heavily in this offseason. We all have access to his information about what positions he has coached, what responsibilities he has handled and what his experience is as an ASST coach or Coordinator. What remains to be seen is the impact he can have as a Head Coach. We will all certainly be hoping his ideas, schemes, and designs work well with our organization. To hope otherwise would be detrimental to the team as a whole and there's no way you can be a fan of this team and "want" them to lose.


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              Jarvis has the ability to do great things. Hopefully he does them this year!


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                1. Eddie Royal, One of the biggest rookie surprises of '08.
                2. Peyton Hillis, How can you not want to see him start?
                3. Kyle Orton, If he earns a starting spot, look out!
                4. Wesley Woodyard, Shanny should have started him all year.
                5. Brian Dawkins, Finally a guy to fire up the D, thank God!