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In 3 months, we've become a 3rd tier team

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    Originally posted by shawny View Post
    I think Shanny was right, we were a couple free agents and a decent draft away to fixing the Defense, and being a threat in the playoffs. Now, I honestly see us winning 4 or 5 games. And I hope I'm wrong.
    You're really going to take Shanny's word for it on fixing the defense? With Slowik as the coach of that defense, we'd be lucky to get out of the bottom 6-7 in the league..


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      Originally posted by channingrage View Post
      You sitting there talking about the possibility of McD succeeding is just as much putting out the foresight that most fans are putting out in the reverse opinion that we are screwing up.

      If, by your theory, we are playing for the future, the decisions made on draft day clearly doesn't dictate that.

      Trading our more than likely top 15 pick of the 2010 pick is playing for the future? When a coach trades up to grab certain players, he is trying to implement and fix something NOW. planning for the future means that we could be trading down for value or stockpiling draft picks like Belichick always does.
      or it could mean that he is getting player now that will learn from the veterns we have, to help us for the future.:salute!:
      "I was't the best because I killed quickly. I was the best because the crowd loved me. Win the crowd, and you will win your freedom." -Gladiator


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        Originally posted by thinkin101 View Post
        Well said jt. You just about summed it up there. All we had to do was focuson defense this offense and we would be a top team for years to come. McMoron came in and completely destroyed this team. He'll be fired in 2 seasons when Bowlenfinally realizes this kid has no idea what he's doing and we'll be left cheering for a scrap heap of a team that goes5-11 year in and year out.
        You better call yourself nobrainer000.
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          Originally posted by channingrage View Post
          Beyond a response that generated a response from you.

          You don't understand do you? The bronco nation has high expectations for the broncos every year and with Shanahan, Cutler and the explosive offense we had, every fan had reason to believe we were superbowl contenders.

          Unfortunately, the defense didn't carry us that far.

          Now we're hoping for a winning record.

          I don't even see where your argument makes any logical sense or does it even have a point? what the heck
          Bills fans think they are superbowl contenders every year as well and they finished 7-9 for the past 3 years

          A wise coach once said you are what your record says you are and for the last 3 years you have been 8-8 and far from super bowl contenders.