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  • Originally posted by Letswinplz77 View Post
    What feelings? The guy said people are questioning McD's and Xander's judgement and decision making ability. That actually is a process involving logic and reason. So you can decide that they are being emotional, but I suggest you pick up a dictionary, maybe visit a library, then get back to us. If you are going to call a poster out for letting their "feelings" get the best of them, you might want to make sure you know what you are talking about.

    Now if you wanted to argue that McDaniels doesn't have to explain himself to them, then you would be correct, sort of. But to say he doesn't have to account for their feelings is just ridiculous.

    My recommendation would be to argue the picks, argue football, and stay away from attacking someone's emotional state, especially when they never even stated how they were "feeling."

    Ok, maybe "feelings" was the incorrect word. I apologize. But it is senseless to see these posts where people bash the coach or the organizations transactions without any proof that what they are saying is correct.
    I have been watching the Broncos since the very early 70's and year after year there are "fans" that instantly go all doom and gloom when they see things differently.
    Everyone knows you cannot actually tell what kind of picks you have until 2 or 3 yrs down the road. But you see so many people questioning and bashing like they have all the answers while they sit on the couch. I just think everyone needs to chill out, be a little bit more patient and wait to see what happens. If that makes me so uneducated than so be it. But I'm willing to see how the organization does since they have better knowledge than most of us.