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  • All these sports writers on and most others are the same. They are convinced that they know more about football than Pro Football coaches. If they are wrong, who cares!!!! They never get called to the carpet for it??? No one ever brings up all the times they are wrong! Kirwin is just another one of the "village idiots" that gets paid for being wrong.
    Last season Denver would have been 11-5 had it not been for so many injuries! After Baily, Williams, several running backs, were injuried they went from 8-5 to 8-8!
    I think we will all be surprised how good Denver is this season and better next!


    • Originally posted by BroncoKazuki View Post
      when your defense cannot stop the run and is constantly getting their proverbial butts handed in the pass. No... when the defense cannot stop a cold period.

      When your best back was a fullback, and the rest were cannon fodder how do you expect our offensive pass game to be more efficient?

      You cannot, our former QB went out each play knowing that he had to light it up every single time. He had to go for the BIG play because no way the DEFENSE nor the RUN game would be effective. The times we did play ball control we lost or barely won, and that was mainly due to the fact that oddly the DEFENSE somewhat showed up or the RB at that time did so-so.

      Hell if Shanny would have been wise enough to pick up Choice or another 3-4th round RB over, Ryan 'the lemon' Torain maybe we would have been better at the RB position.

      RB in the lower rounds S U C K no way in hell we would find another Davis, yet Shanahan tried.

      Now, McDaniels will look in the lower rounds for the next Brady, and we all know theres NO WAY IN HELL that will happen. The good news for the Broncos is McD will not be back once he gets nuked hopefully for a horrible season that will transpire this year. Maybe Bowlen will finally break down and get a real coach. No way he'll be able to crawl back to Shanahan i bet Shanny will turn him down and wait because, no franchise QB = no Shanahan to replace the McDaniels project.
      You can say this all you want, I saw a different game. I'm talking about when we were still in games, guys were open 10-15 yards down the field for 1st downs and more, and Cutler was chucking it deep to Marshall who was double covered. As for his decision making, I'm talking about when we were up big against New Orleans and San Diego games 2 and 3. We were up by multiple TDs and Cutler threw a couple picks in each game to get the other teams back in the game. (Right too the other team). You can chalk it up to him being young or whatever, but he's not going to get that same excuse made for him by bears fans. When your traded for 2 1sts, a 3rd, and a QB with a winning record, your not supposed to make "young" mistakes anymore.


      • Originally posted by McSmashie View Post
        They didnt win a heck of alot at Vanderbilt. But, hey, if you like stats not wins, enjoy!
        I like this stat. The last time the Bears traded for a Vandy QB they won a championship. History repeating itself........hmmm, just saying.


        • Originally posted by bears6385 View Post
          I like this stat. The last time the Bears traded for a Vandy QB they won a championship. History repeating itself........hmmm, just saying.
          Because what some other quarterback at some other time completely affects what is going on right now. How did I not see that?

          I adopt andrewmlb.