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    • Jan. 9, 1994 - AFC Wild Card - L.A. Raiders 42, Denver 24 at the Coliseum in Los Angeles. It was fun being one of very few Bronco fans in a "foriegn country". At the age of 17 I understood what "learn to live another day" really meant.

    Famous quotes from that game:
    "Hey homes, that Sharpe guy is pretty good."
    "Elway is a ****ing horse!"
    "Get out of the ****ing car!" (After the game, which the Raiders won, on the way home.)
    "Are you really going to wear that Elway jersey"
    "We are under cover cops. If people start messing with you, we will defend you." (The guys sitting next to me at the game).


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      Bo Jackson's 70+ yard scamper in old mile high.... i was a young pup.

      My father got box seats when he worked for Coors to "Old Mile High Stadium"

      When Bo broke that run shedding Bronco defenders like they were fleas i was crushed

      This was all compounded by the fact that Joe Coors had let a Raider fan into the Box.... needless to say the Raider fan was banned for life while i was the only minor ever to be invited back to the Coors Box It may have led to more great memories but at that time i actually learned what how Bronco football could effect a person

      Oh and the Waitresses were totally hot..... Go Joe
      He's still Tim Tebow... and you're NOT!
      But Peyton Manning will win a Super Bowl.


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        Worst game I have attended....

        2004 Wild Card Game at Indy...My brothers and I went week 17 and watched the Broncos destroy them and mouthed Indy fans all the way to our cars...we had so much fun we decided to make the 4 hour drive again for the wild card game...lets just say it wasn't quite as enjoyable. 49-24 and as strange as it sounds it wasn't even nearly that close. at least we didn't run into any of the same fans we had jawed with the week before.


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          2005 AFC Championship ..
          "January 25, 1998: The night God answered our prayers


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            96 playoff game against the jaguars.

            man that game was terrible, it was cold as hell
            I'm Cal-I


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              well my worst experience watching a game on TV had to have been the first year that the Broncos went up to indy to play a playoff game. They got spanked after I had such high expectations for that game! Uugh.... sucks... Peyton Mannning just had his way with us... man.... and then Marvin Harrison caught a pass, fell on the ground, then noone touched him and he got up and ran it all the way... ah bad memories, and then the next day at skool SUCKED..
              Go Broncos, Lakers, Angels!