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o'neal's dad has cancer?

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  • o'neal's dad has cancer?

    geez no wonder he hasn't been playing great. if i'd known that i would have been willing to cut the guy alot more slack.

    before i wouldn't have minded him getting dropped, but knowing this, i figure we ought to give him more time.
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    My prayers go out to the O'Neil family. I too have had a family member go through that but we were lucky and it was caught soon enough. On the other side a good friend of our family is going through her third bout with cancer, so I know how painful it must be.

    My prayers also goes out to Priest Holmes father is deploying to the Desert, may him and all other comrade in arms be safe.
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      I didn't kno this how terrible. My prayers go out to him and his family.


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        Jeesh....I'm the biggest O'Neal basher on this board and I feel like crap right now.

        God knows that your head is not in a game when you're dealing with something like that. God be with Deltha and his family.

        Maybe he can use it as for his Dad.


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          my prayers go out to him and his family