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    Originally posted by A`M][LE H][GHER View Post
    this is one of the few smart picks we had in the draft.
    a late round qb that fits the bill of mcds protege
    1. LB Arthur Brown Kansas State
    2. SS Dj Swearinger South Carolina


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      In high school he gained notice for his defensive play while playing as an option QB as well. In college he was made into a pocket passing QB by Pat Hill and company. I suspect his earlier training on defense made him a better reader of defenses as a QB.

      His football training was excellent, but I would call his QB training good. I think the Denver staff has far greater skill at teaching this position.

      While preparing for the combine footwork problems were discovered and changed. He became much more accurate after the footwork changes, particularly on deep throws. At his point I would suspect that watching his footwork based on previous clips probably should be discounted. What you should watch is if now it is different. Watch any camp footage very closely. I think that will tell the real story.

      In addition I would look for changes in the point of his release. That has not been mentioned in these conversations and that was more of a problem than his footwork. Again, he seems to be a very good student of the game and accepts criticism well.

      Tom has always risen to the top as he reached each new level of competition. He is a very intelligent player who seems to adapt without problems to changes in coaching and coaching techniques. He is very tough minded.

      I would say he has an excellent chance to develop simply because of where he landed. He has not one, but two outstanding QB coaches working with him. I would say its up to him.

      One other factor beside the 4 coordinators is that the O-lines for Fresno State the last couple of years have simply not been as good as they were when David Carr was here. Simply put and O-line is the QB's best friend. It can make a QB look good or bad no matter what the level of competition.

      I understand the negative comments, but I think there may have been other reasons for some of the bad showings from time to time. He had a lot of good showings as well.


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        Originally posted by EddieRoyalFan View Post
        I'd take a clone of Tom Brady any day to be our QB.. what are you even saying? You wouldn't want a QB like Tom Brady to play for the Broncos?
        Yeah, try reading his comment one more time...
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          I like how bulldogred was just waiting for us to draft someone from bulldogs, so he can say HA!.. I know more about him than you!!!!!!

          whos our starter next year (bulldogs)? is it carr?


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            sucks really bad


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              Originally posted by BulldogRed View Post
              Im sorry guys but watching this guy play in person around 20 or so times, ill be the first to say that he sucks.
              Have went to the games and watched him play almost just as many times and I got to agree that he sucks. I mentioned in another thread how I was suprised that he even had a YouTube highlight. Fresno always relied on its running game to get out of trouble not Tom. Hopefully he proves me wrong but what I saw at fresno state is nothing to be happy about.


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                Originally posted by 12and4 View Post
                I like how bulldogred was just waiting for us to draft someone from bulldogs, so he can say HA!.. I know more about him than you!!!!!!

                whos our starter next year (bulldogs)? is it carr?
                Starter.. hmm let me think.

                I hope its between Carr and Feathers to be honest but we wont know until probably july sometime. Feathers is supposed to be a QB like we have not had in the history of Fresno State Football, an athletic beast that most the time ends up playing a different position just off of ability alone. The only thing about Feathers is, he can really throw the ball. Carr on the other hand is in the bloodline of the best WAC QB of all time, so he knows what it takes to be a winner all he does is have to follow his brothers example (in college sports anyways). The only thing is that Carr is supposedly a smarter player than Feathers is but im not too sure if thats going to hold true at the college level.
                I say we Redshirt Carr, have feathers start this year and next. After that if Carr is as good as he is billed to be, have his take over.
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                  He's got the size and smarts (Tom)

                  It's just a question of does he have the magic.

                  Looks like he will be a solid back up at the very least
                  The beatings will continue until morale improves....