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Which new player are you most excited to see?

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    I cant pick just one. But I really am excited to see Dawkins play. I cant wait to see what impact he has on the leadership and intensity of this team. I also am looking forward to Knowshon. He could be "the future" and a franchise player if he lives up to his potential. Also, given the Oline that we have, he could have a great year.

    I actually expect the least this year from Ayers. I just think that he will have a lot to learn and there are a lot of nose tackles and left tackles in this league that can shut down great pass rushers. I think he will develop, but I dont expect him to be a breakout, runaway rookie of the year candidate.
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      Originally posted by jhns View Post
      I don't know that I will get to see him but I would be pretty excited if Nate Swift makes the roster and gets some play time. If he even makes the roster, he will be the only current player jersey I am willing to buy. Other than him, I think I am sticking to retired players from now on.

      My only real reasoning for wanting to see Swift is that I am a Nebraska homer and Swift was great for the Huskers the past few years. He now holds some of the more important receiving records and he was always a class act. I really want him to make it.
      Yeah - I'd love for him to make it too. He seems like a real solid guy and has the required size and strength to do damage after the catch. Hope he comes through


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        Moreno for sure. I can't wait to see just how good he is. It has been a looong time since Denver has had a running back with his potential, plus they have a very good offensive line and a couple of good blocking tight ends to get him going.


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          I would have to say, I am most excited to see Kyle Orton this year. Something tells me he'll do well.


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            Alphonso Smith and Robert Ayers to make an impact early.

            I would also like to see some Gems come out of Rookie Free Agency. The guys that didnt get drafted.

            Guys like Rulon Davis and Chris Backer.

            The comment earlier that we will only go as far as Orton can take us is only 33.3% accurate.

            Out Defense and Special teams need to improve dramatically.

            So with that said, I really hope to see some guys step out and really impact our D and kicking game. :go:

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              There are so many new players on the roster right now (40) that it's hard to pick just one. Here's the list of all the new additions in case anybody is interested. Many of these won't make it, of course.

              56 Ayers, Robert DE/LB 6' 3" 272 23 R Tennessee D1b-'09
              75 Baker, Chris DT 6' 2" 326 21 R Hampton CFA- '09
              03 Brandstater, Tom QB 6' 5" 222 24 R Fresno State D6-'09
              85 Branson, Marquez TE 6' 3" 248 R Central Arkansas CFA- '09
              30 Bruton, David S 6' 2" 219 21 R Notre Dame D4a-'09
              68 Bryant, Stanley T 6' 5" 282 23 R East Carolina CFA- '09
              28 Buckhalter, Correll RB 6' 0" 217 30 9th Nebraska UFA (Phi)-'09
              37 Carter, Tony CB 5' 9" 177 22 R Florida State CFA- '09
              04 Colquitt, Britton P 6' 3" 205 24 R Tennessee CFA- '09
              54 Davis, Andra LB 6' 1" 250 30 8th Florida UFA (Cle)-'09
              65 Davis, Rulon DE 6' 5" 281 25 R California CFA- '09
              20 Dawkins, Brian S 6' 0" 210 35 14th Clemson UFA (Phi)-'09
              91 Fields, Ronald DT 6' 2" 315 27 5th Mississippi State UFA (SF)-'09
              10 Gaffney, Jabar WR 6' 1" 200 28 8th Florida UFA (NE)-'09
              21 Goodman, Andre' CB 5' 10" 190 30 8th South Carolina UFA (Mia)-'09
              77 Gorin, Brandon T 6' 6" 308 30 7 Purdue UFA-'09
              85 Greisen, Nick LB 6' 1" 250 29 8th Wisconsin FA-'09
              82 Grimes, David WR 5' 10" 177 22 R Notre Dame CFA- '09
              23 Hill, Renaldo S 5' 11" 205 30 9th Michigan State UFA (Mia)-'09
              35 Johnson, D.J. CB 6' 2" 200 23 R Jackson State CFA- '09
              32 Jordan, LaMont RB 5' 10" 230 30 9th Maryland UFA (NE)-'09
              84 Lloyd, Brandon WR 6' 0" 194 27 7th Illinois FA-'09
              31 McBath, Darcel S 6' 0" 198 23 R Texas Tech D2b-'09
              60 McChesney, Matt G 6' 4" 307 27 3rd Colorado FA-'09
              11 McKinley, Kenny WR 6' 0" 189 22 R South Carolina D5-'09
              27 Moreno, Knowshon RB 5' 11" 205 21 R Georgia D1a-'09
              70 Olsen, Seth G 6' 4" 306 23 R Iowa D4b-'09
              08 Orton, Kyle QB 6' 4" 216 26 5th Purdue T-(Chi)-'09
              69 Parker, J'Vonne DT 6' 4" 325 26 5th Rutgers FA-'09
              66 Paxton, Lonie LS 6' 2" 260 31 10th Sacramento State UFA (NE)-'09
              64 Pedescleaux, Everette DE 6' 6" 305 23 R Northern Iowa CFA- '09
              81 Quinn, Richard TE 6' 4" 260 22 R North Carolina D2c-'09
              95 Reid, Darrell DL/LB 6' 2" 288 26 5th Minnesota UFA (Ind)-'09
              51 Robinson, Lee LB 6' 3" 245 22 R Alcorn State CFA- '09
              63 Schlueter, Blake C 6' 3" 284 23 R TCU D7-'09
              02 Simms, Chris QB 6' 4" 220 28 7th Texas UFA (Ten)-'09
              33 Smith, Alphonso CB 5' 9" 193 23 R Wake Forest D3a-'09
              83 Swift, Nate WR 6' 2" 195 23 R Nebraska CFA- '09
              17 Taylor, Lucas WR 6' 0" 185 22 R Tennessee CFA- '09
              34 Walker, Darius RB 5' 11" 205 23 3rd Notre Dame FA-'09

              I'll break my level of excitement into three tiers:

              1st tier: Knowshon, Orton, Dawkins, Ayers
              2nd tier: Phonz, Swift, Robinson, Baker
              3rd tier: Pedescleaux, Rulon Davis, Hill, Goodman, Quinn

              Overall, it's a tough call between Orton & Knowshon. Orton's play will be very crucial to the team's success and he will be highly scrutinized, but I'll go with Knowshon because the kid just oozes excitement when he has the ball.

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                  It is tough to pick just 1, but my vote has to go with ORTON. I am seriously excited to see this guy play/throw. I was never this excited for Crybaby Cutler.
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                    All of them

                    But Orton, Moreno, Dawkins, Davis and Ayers as far as the New guys.:go:


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                      Right now, Orton. Moreno was my favorite draft prospect but I think he will do well like many RBs, the transition won't be that hard for him. Now, Orton is the key. And his task is pretty difficult. Not because he does not have the skillset, but because he only has 1 offseason to learn this offense which is being labeled as complex. Cassel had 4 offseasons in New England before he stepped on the field replacing Brady. And unlike last season, we will face lots of tough defenses in 2009.


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                        Alphonso Smith !! chyeah haha...and Moreno


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                          In no order: Rulon Davis, Knowshon Moreno, Robert Ayers, Brian Dawkins, Kyle Orton, Andre Goodman, Andra Davis, Jabar Gaffney, and Alphonso Smith.

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                            "at RB. number 27. Knoooooowshon Moooreno"
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                              I'm really looking forward to seeing Alphonso play...I hope he becomes an elite corner and proves all the doubters wrong.


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                                haha go Knowshon