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Why we'll be better if Marshall goes.

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    Originally posted by Pura Vida View Post
    how would he do that? would he catch 100 balls?
    I think that he has proven himself and needs a new contract however he hasn't proven at all that he can stay out of trouble and i think that is why Denver needs to protect themselves and have problem giving him a new deal.

    What you mentioned earlier about some contract that would protect the broncos against his conduct is right on. I think that if they haven't offered it yet (which you are asserting they haven't because the media hasn't reported it) then the broncos have a horrible FO for not either thinking of this before hand or being this stubborn. Hopefully they are discussing something like this however since they are in constant communication which is also something that is being reported.


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      Josh, is real smart. He has brought in Jabbar for a reason. Not just because he is familiar with him and likes him and wants some support for Marshall and Royal. Did many of you Bronco fans watch Gaffney at NE? This kid can play ball and I think can blossom into a great player.
      What is the fascination with Jabar? He’s a nice complimentary player, but Jabar was brought in to round out Josh’s 3 WR sets ... not to be the #1. He wasn't brought in to replace Marshall – if he was, Marshall would have been long gone. Josh would have traded Marshall prior to the draft to have a better chance at value THIS year.

      To say Jabar is going to blossom into a great player is really, really stretching it. He's going into his 8th year in the league. If he hasn't blossomed yet, he'll really be termed a late bloomer. He's played in Josh McDaniels system for the last 3 years. In those 3 years combined he totaled 19 fewer receptions than Marshall had last season alone. Jabar joined NE in 2006. In 2007, NE saw fit to acquire 3 high profile WRs. If Jabar was such a player, they wouldn't have had that need.


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        Originally posted by muse View Post

        Obviously we do have fantastic targets elsewhere (Graham, Scheff, Hillis, Moreno) but you can't undersell the importance of having a highly dangerous number 1 receiver - ultimately they help everyone else get open and can still make the play in tight coverage when needed. Not to say that our WR corps will be as thin as it was in 2001 but off the bat they'd be a questionable unit and all it'd take would be one injury to leave us sailing up le crique de merde (sans palette). Is Brandon replaceable? Absolutely, there are very few truly irreplaceable receivers. Do we have a viable replacement? I for one can say I'd feel uneasy without him at this point.
        agree 100% we do have great recievers in royal stokes scheff, and others but like you said, without a true number 1 reciever to take pressure off these players, they will not be as open. when teams dont have to study and prepare for marshall dancing all over them, then they can focus more on our slot and 2 reciever. I dont have a huge problem with letting marshall go, but why trade him now when his value is so low. make him ride the pine or shape up and earn his big money.