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What would you rather have for Denver a top 5 "D" or a top 5 "O"?????

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    Originally posted by samparnell View Post
    That's a good stat! I like that stat!:clap:

    It's short, easy to understand, and it only took me ten or fifteen seconds to figure out!:thumb:

    Nice work, Bro!:salute!:
    Don't worry, I'll convert you yet!
    MMO Football Game

    I like McDaniels, he will be a good coach. Just not for this team. Belichick needed his Cleveland stint to become the coach he is now and McDaniels is showing the same signs.


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      Originally posted by VenomousDB View Post
      I want a top 5 offense and a #6 defense :go:

      I adopt andrewmlb.


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        Growing up in the 70's, the model franchise in the NFL was the Steelers. They were built around dominant defense, running game, the ability to pass when needed. I love this type of football but the rule changes make it obsolete.

        The most sustainable model for success now would involve a defense that is adaptable week to week, Probably a base 3-4 since it's so hard to hang on to great D-linemen. Use an offense with some great players but based on a system that allows for some interchangeability.

        So to answer the question I want a top 5 defense and a versatile offense.