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  • Originally posted by orton_24 View Post
    bears defense last year ranked 21st overall and the orton led bears went 9-7
    they were 21st in yards..but they were 16th in points which was the stat I used when I made my point.


    • Originally posted by Orton_Backer81 View Post
      Jay Cutler is 17-20

      Kyle Orton is 33-31

      Kyle Orton is a leader, a winner and a class act to put up with some of the worst coaching in NFL history. Coach Smith had the wrong quarterback in the superbowl! Coach Smith did the least with the most talent, and thats a fact! If he had Kyle Orton in as QB THEY WOULD HAVE WON! There, I said it when no one else even thought of it.
      You are out of your mind if you think Orton had any business starting the Super Bowl. He was not ready at that time. You can't argue the winner aspect because the Bears did win with Rex. Orton and Rex have similar career numbers and similar records as starters for the Bears.

      Also your record for Orton is way off. 33 wins + 31 losses = 64 games. He's 21-12 as the Bears starter. I still don't know why people argue about records all the time. Cutler is 13-1 when the Bronco's hold a defense under 20 points. The only loss was when Green Bay scored on the first play of overtime. Cutler and Orton can win when the defense does their job, but then again most QB's win in those situations.

      Without a doubt you'd like to look at your QB and see a winning record because it means the team won, but it's hard to put the record only on him. If the Broncos defense for some reason were horrible this year. Do you think Orton would take you to the playoffs? It's unlikely. Just like if the Bears suck on defense Cutler isn't going either.

      Honestly if I'm a Bronco's fan. I look at his 18 TD's and 12 INT's last season and am more excited about that then his starting record. You have to figure his INT's will stay in the same range, but he's got more scoring threats. If he can hit 20+ TD's and keep his INT's in the 10-15 range. That will matter more then 21-12. Because that's good production for a starter.

      Originally posted by odd_thomas View Post
      Orton in his rookie season was voted a team captain, so he does have good leadership skills.
      Orton was not voted team captain in 2005. He wasn't voted one till 2008.
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      • Yes HE is.

        Originally posted by Orton_Backer81 View Post
        Has any1 thought of this, Kyle Orton put up good numbers in the “Windy City” and now he comes to the place with what is known as the “Thin Air Phenomenon”. I project Kyle orton to put up the numbers in Denver that Jay Cutler did. I also project Jay Cutler to have a complete meltdown in The Windy City. Jay Cutler is not a leader, Chicago has a third string wide receiver core and coach Smith has done the least in the NFL with the most talent. Kyle Orton is a LEADER first and foremost - the FIELD GENERAL that will lead the troops to victory! Jay Cutler is a spoiled, ivy league pre maddonna! Which would you rather have?!? I want the leader everytime