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Are we overlooking Nate swift?

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    Originally posted by Bronco D View Post
    In the video, he makes a couple nice catches with his hands. Watching him on tape and the number he wore, reminds me of Eddie Mac. Now if he can be half the player Eddie was, I'd be happy.
    That is exactly what I was gonna say, he does remind one of Eddie Mac, he is tough. And he can return PUNTS too! I say he makes the team as a backup, and Special teamer.
    sigpicoh YEAH?


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      Originally posted by housemouse View Post
      Maybe as a slot guy.

      I've watched him play, and I've noticed he catches the ball with his body. Which is typical for a slot guy. But not for a #1 or 2.
      Originally posted by arapaho View Post
      one thing i noticed and really liked was the fact that on every single rec ...he instantly tucked the ball away, no matter if it was on the go, a sit down, a sideline, well covered, soon as the ball hits his hands its tucked away

      marshall has this annoying way of sometimes one handing the ball and being careless which has resulted in his fair share of fumbles
      The highlights looked good to me. I saw quite a number of good catches with his hands, but he does tuck the ball away quickly. That might be mistaken for a body catch.

      He's got good size, and looks like he'd definitely be a decent possession or slot guy. I hope he at least finds his way onto the practice squad.


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        There's been a couple threads about him so he's not being overlooked on the boards at least, and the coaches are of course giving him a good looking over. That 53 man roster will seem pretty small before long though, I just don't know if there's room for him or not.


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          While I agree with many of you that he seems to have good hands and that he is very good at tucking the ball away, there was one major negative thing that really stuck out to me in the video: his route running. While most of the clips focused on the QB for most of the play, and as such didn't show him running his route, the times when you can see him running his routes they aren't very crisp. He really rounds out his turns, which means that he won't get separation in the NFL. I think he could be a practice squad candidate, but I don't see him making the 53 man roster unless his route running drastically improves or we end up trading Marshall (and even then I'm still not sure he can beat out either CJ Jones or Brandon Lloyd).

          I think with some time on the practice squad learning to run crisp routes he can develop into an above average receiver in the league.


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            I think he's got a good chance at making the practice squad...but it's a big uphill battle to make the 53 man..the numbers just are not in his favor.

            1. Brandon Marshall
            2. Eddie Royal
            3. Brandon Stokely
            4. Jabar Gaffney
            5. Brandon Lloyd
            6. Kenny McKinley
            7. Chad Jackson
            8. ???

            He's gonna be to get to #6 to make the roster...

            On a side note...did you know that even though this will be his 4th NFL season, Chad Jackson is only 5 months older than Swift?


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              Maybe youth will prevail

              McD is a type who likes to develop his own team. Maybe youth will be a key to keeping raw talent verses so-so aged talent?
              This is the NFL!!

              Don't sing it... Bring It!!!!!

              Go Broncos!!!!!!!


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                He looks a little big for the slot i think we line up. Marshall, Gaffney, Royal to start he season but dont be shocked if Mckinnley or Swift becomes the number 2 as a good do it all WR. let Marshall do the big plays. Let Royal work the slot and if you double cover Marshall or Royal then Swift and Mckinnley will kill defenses.:go: