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  • Originally posted by BmoreBroncosFan View Post
    So is George Fisher of Cannibal Corpse. I just saw them last night and he loved my Speedwolf Broncos themed tshirt. We talked Broncos, metal, and video games for at least an hour. He's one of the most intense and passionate Broncos fans out there. Also Brian Slagel of Metal Blade Records is a huge Broncos fan from Socal. The Broncos have a huge following in the metal community.
    I never in a million years wouldve thought the names George fisher, cannibal corpse, and Brian Slagle would be brought up on this board! Made my freekin night!


    • Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls and Paul George of the Pacers are Broncos fans.

      As most people mentioned both Jessica Biel, Kate Hudson and Lindsay Vonn are.

      Tim Allen and Don Cheadle as well.

      There is also a super famous adult film star who is that occasionally posts pictures on her Twitter account donning nothing but a Broncos jersey because shes a big fan. But Im pretty sure that might be in forum violation if I post her name lol