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    Originally posted by Ravage!!!
    The LAST thing that is wrong with Q is his humility. Lets face it, and be honest. If Q was succeeding and producing to our expectations, his quiet demeanor would be something we would ALL be proud of,and bragging about. Its because of his lact of production thus far that has some of you jumping on the train with that loud mouth sportswriter, insulting Q because he's quiet. I like him quiet....he can be quiet alllllll he wants, just produce and do it. I do NOT want another LOUDMOUTH like portis, running around with a heavyweight belt on, showing us his "Confidence."

    Let Q be Q. I think humility in this game is refreshing.
    Right on bro...that's the last thing we need is another loudmouth in our locker rooms, we finally got a "team" atmosphere not a "me, me, me" Portis atmosphere...
    fight u dwn the must win.. fight fight fr knows no defet! so roll up the mighty score, Never Give in!!...shouler to shulder we will FIGHT..FIGHT ... FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!