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How Many Rushing Yards Will Denver Get Sunday

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    Originally posted by NameUsedBefore
    I was four yards away from calling it. (110)
    Oh, so your the one that jinxed us.
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      I actually might have. Anytime I think of stuff happening like "Oh man, I got that feeling like an interception is going to happen" something bad usually DOES happen. Before the field goal the commentator was saying "Elam is one of the best kickers in the league" or something all I was thinking was "Great, I bet he gets blocked or the snap gets botched, or Jake fumbles or something".

      Blame it on the commentator, that bastard.

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        Originally posted by Jrhampton

        Your correct about them being accomplished runners some of the best.

        But your wrong about them being able to run on just anyone. They do not walk on water, they have to have some help from the rest of the team. If the D can stack 8-9 guys on the line NO ONE can be expected to carry the water for the team. If they have to respect the passing game, they have to play the run with only 7 or less players. That becomes "advantage running game" to a team with great running backs.

        During TD's time do you really think he would have domininated if Big John would not have been back there with him? It's called team work!

        Mikey will have some schemes to loosen up the D against the run, if not it might be a long day for our RB's. Just wonder how many of the teams listed had our style of a running attack.

        Jake will have to bring his A game!

        Last but not least, I see no hate in Rushes comments, you might think about a chill pill.
        His comment was nothing BUT hate for the Jaguars defense...he like many completely discredited the Jaguars D just because we had a great game against the Chef Defense.

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