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Very imptressive win against the Chiefs

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    Originally posted by Raiderjoe
    One game does not make a season. Im i here because i know what the Raiders have and very confident that they will be taking back Afc West this year. what good is saying after the fact. Again My prediction was that KC was going to take a big step back this year- at best third place. Go look it up so whats the big deal with your victory.
    Yes, take the AFC west with your amazing running game. I liked how wheatley had more carries than yards at the end of the first quarter.


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      Not to interrupt this "discussion" between division rivals, but what is imptressive?

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        Hey joseyho....its not the victory of ours so much as it is the LOSS by your faiding ogres......

        now THATS funny
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          Originally posted by daredevil25
          Not to interrupt this "discussion" between division rivals, but what is imptressive?
          What's impressive, is the fact that the Faiders lost to a conference opp. What's impressive, is that the Faiders lost to Tommy Maddox who couldn't even be our back-up Qb much less the starter. What's impressive is that they let a guy that averaged 7.9 inches per carry get three TD's.


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            Re: Very imptressive win against the Chiefs

            Originally posted by Raiderjoe
            But lets see Denver have that sucess against a team that can actually play defense. Kc didn't address their defensive shortcummings this offseason(sorry a new Dc can't make chicken salad out of chicken SHI_ ) and when they finish no better than 8-8 - have no one to blame but themselves.

            Still its a division game(which are always tough) and you won game convincly. Lets see if your defense can stop the Raiders offense juggernaut.

            Jose this stuff just keeps getting easier all the time.

            Talk about CHICKEN stuff Ryan jr. better check the bottoms of his shoes after that Embarrasing debacle. 444 yards 254 on the ground 25 first downs. but you did stop 2 4 th down conversions today.

            Yeah your offesive juggernaut 145 yards 9 first downs 3.3 yards per pass really like it when y'all go vertical on us.

            That speed really killed us.

            NORV is toast!