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2009/09/27 Bronos/Raiders gameday rants

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  • Originally posted by jaminn13 View Post
    Only name for our D is the Orange Crush!! No others will suffice.
    No you can't go with "Orange Crush" because that is a name given to a particular team decades ago. Each new great defense deserves it't own name as long as the core group stay together. There will never be another Orange Crush just as there will never be another Steel Curtain or Purple People Eaters.
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    • Originally posted by Fargo View Post
      Thanks man.

      The records are me showing a situation that would allow the playoffs. I think the case stands that it's doable though.
      Yes, especially in this division. The only competition we seem to have is the Chargers, and I'm not impressed with them. We have a very realistic chance of making the playoffs.
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      • Originally posted by Peerless View Post
        <3 = heart

        When I tilt my head to the right I see it!

        Freakin' kids!


        • It's great when a guy can notch more sacks in 3 games than he did for the entire previous season....

          DOOM = awesomeness! :salute!:

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          • The Blue Crush LOL

            ROYAL 09!


            • Originally posted by 4th Amigo View Post
              Actually, he has 6 sacks.....right?
              Look at post #7 of this thread......yes sir you are correct it is 6:salute!: Doom is tearing it up and I love it.
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              • Originally posted by orangeCRUSHH View Post
                Do you guys realize how identical this has been to our 2005 team, our 05 team allowed very few points in the first three games as well I think 16? Also the components match up as:
                knowson+buck=mike anderson + tatum
                tony scheffler=jeb putzier
                orton=plummer w/o mistakes (his 05 year)
                our linebackers in 05 were great as our current ones look great now
                add our WR core being better than 05, and our special teams looking good, this may be a stretch but I think we are going to have a repeat of the 05 season hopefully going further than the afc championship game
                Dude, in 2005 the Broncos got manhandled by the Dolphins.

                Here, I'll help you out...

                1. @ Miami (L) 34-10
                2. vs San Diego (W) 20-17
                3. vs Kansas City (W) 30-10

                For a total of 71 points... compared to 16 this season.


                • Definitely a big up yours to the so called NFL experts who have said all offseason how horrible our defense was going to be. Glad to see it, especially since our offense will do best when playing with a lead. I don't see us giving up a ton of points this year to hardly anyone, at least until playoff time.
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                  • Originally posted by maddenking27 View Post
                    We are waiting to see what happends when we play a GOOD team.:go:
                    I'm sick of hearing this honestly...we played the bengals already....and it doesn't matter that we got a lucky play we had them held to next to nothing for almost 4 quarters, the defensed tired out from a lack of offense on ONE drive and we gave them the lead.

                    When the bengals beat the packers people said well....packers might not be that good, what's the excuse after knocking off the superbowl champs? we gonna blame the superbowl slump? We've faced one good offense, our defense is for real and we will win 9 games this year if not more. BUT again I do want to see what happens in the next two weeks if we win out to the bye and start 6-0 I have the feeling it's going to shut a lot of criticism up. I see us getting handed our first loss week 8, week 9 will be a challenge, lose week 11 and 12 probably 13 and 14 (though kc is horrible) and then win out the season (though we could possibly lose to the eagles) is it going to be a dominating victory of the afc west...depends on the chargers and if they start playing better (like they have a habit of doing) but I think a win is a win and if we take the division great.


                    • I am eating crow and loving 3-0. I root for my team, and don't have to believe that every decision the staff makes is the best one. I still don't think Orton is the answer, but he is winning games for us so I'll keep my mouth shut. Go ahead and gloat all you want, 3-0 is a pretty good start. I'm happy even if I was wrong.
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                      • Exactly what I complained about last week.

                        But nooooooooo they were good enough.

                        Face it, if want to beat Dallas, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Baltimore, pretty much half of our schedule, we're going to have to score 6s not 3s.


                        • Originally posted by Mad Madigan View Post
                          That is correct.
                          A team can only play the teams they are scheduled against.

                          This defense is tougher than steel.
                          The whole team is fresh and bold and learning and growing.
                          That is the best part of this thing...
                          we have not seen how good they can be yet...

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                          • Originally posted by gobroncos313 View Post
                            Okay some say our schedule has been week so lets do this:

                            Take the points scored against us and multiply it by two (2) and we are still the number one scoring defense in the NFL after three weeks.
                            Great Analogy!!
                            Go Broncos!!!


                            • Originally posted by cvnorton View Post
                              Look at post #7 of this thread......yes sir you are correct it is 6:salute!: Doom is tearing it up and I love it.

                              I didn't pay any attention to when the thread was started, I didn't realize is was during the game, my bad!


                              • Game Winding Down, we playaction pass to Marshall. Rubbing it in?

                                Felt good to shove it down OAK's throat today. Run right up their gut. Rush for all those yards. Beat them at their own game.

                                I love how we acted like we were running clock out... One drive we actually do 3 dives and then punt. We get the ball back and run it again.... Here comes 4th down.... we go for it.... THEN DO A PLAYACTION PASS TO MARSHALL. I love it.

                                Imagine what would have been.... if BM catches ball and runs for a TD. Would they be calling it a bad move? Running up the score?

                                I don't think so. I think we were actually trying to run the ball out, but just had some fun on 4th down.

                                Any thoughts? Bad blood for next game?