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2009/10/04 Broncos/Cowboys gameday rants

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  • WOW...

    I don't really know what to say...

    And just as I was coming around...:go:


    • I think the lesson to be learned here is that if you screw up and cost the Broncos a touchdown, McDaniels will cut you. It's a good motivator for the rest of the team. Don't be surprised if he extends that to the message boards. If you screw up a post or just plain say something stupid, he will cut your posting privileges. So stay sharp, McDaniels is watching us all.


      • [QUOTE=Mat'hir Uth Gan;2986225]Where you fail is in not understanding what Moreno is.

        Moreno is a 215 lb power back. He runs between the tackles. That was his game at Georgia, QUOTE]

        You couldn't more more incorrect. He is not a "power back" by any stretch. He is horrible at 3 and 1. He is best when he gets outside the tackles. he is doing well, but he needs to just wait about half a second longer before mashing the RT button, if you know what i mean.

        he's our guy and i hope he will be for years to come