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Five 4-0 Teams left

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    Originally posted by dman444 View Post
    Scoring more points than the opposing team is the only thing that matters.
    fixed for accuracy


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      [QUOTE=BroncoKing;2958820]And yet....what is our turnover ratio this year compared to last year?

      It means more than you think.

      Uh...I think I will go by history! Historical analysis indicates that KO has a tendency to win even when people consider him down and out! On top of that, our Defense is helping him out so he's not alone. Historical analysis also shows us just how stupid looking at points per game is! You have to look at all the factors that goes into how rankings are done! As such, the fact that we are ranked #9 says alot about a brand new system and our Defense being in the top 5 as well? really are clueless.[/QUOTE]

      Way to prove your point with some hard facts...

      How am I clueless? That makes no sense. I gave you facts and stats to prove a a point while you just talked about how I was wrong.

      I'm done arguing with someone as dense as yourself.


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        Imo we will be the first team to lose. I know the chargers are kinda down and out right now but they are a good team and it's a divisional game. I think we lose to either NE or SD before the bye week. I am guessing NE and we end up beating SD because they look weak in the trenches. I think this board is going to go crazy if NE beats us this weekend as well. This will be the biggest test so far because no coach is better then Bill at finding a teams weakness and exposing it. I love the defense and picked the team to go 10-6 in august but this 4 game stretch will show us a lot and i expect our defense to fall off a bit, hopefully the offense clicks a bit better.
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          Stop being stupid. It's indy of course.


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            Dman? Our defense was worth ****! Our defensive ranking stunk to high heaven and that is why we lost! That and Cutler throwing pics at inopportune times did not help us at all! Hence when taking a look at stats, one has to look at the entire picture. No one thought our offense was going to be this good nor our defense. Both are in the top 10! That says far more than someone who only looks at ppg which (again) means nothing since that is an average score over a set series of games. To counter this though, how many points is our defense giving up per game? The answer is 6.5! And here's another thing! Since you seem so bent on using PPG for your "analysis", the Cowboys are averaging 24 ppg! How many points did they get against Denver? Ten!
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