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Champ is AFC Defensive Player of the Week

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  • Champ is AFC Defensive Player of the Week

    Congrats Champ!!

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    just got done reading that...great to see Champ get some recognition

    showing why hes the best in the business



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      Just saw this on facebook no more than 5 minutes ago. Sweet!


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        Champ is the #1 corner in the league! Congrats CHAMP!
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          He had a great game, congrats.


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            it said on the homepage that this is his first time recieving the award with denver?!?!? he had 10 picks that one year with us! very surprising, he deff deserves it.

            throw it champs way and youre lucky if its

            Go Broncos


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                It is about time! Congrats Champ!


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                  The Champ is still the champ.



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                    Very cool recognition.

                    to a long season of success for him!
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                      Champ is such a factor on and off the field!

                      Honestly, the real reason why Champ has never recieved much credit is simple. Most teams figure out quick not to throw to him, making him drop out of the big play opportunities.

                      Thanks Dallas for taking a chance!

                      And Congrats Champ, you deserve more than can be offered.


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                        There's the love baby...I cannot believe I just heard the guy on ESPN, that old dude who yells about everything really fast say "Champ Bailey is not quite CHAMP BAILEY, but he's still pretty good with the game on the line" he serious???...any stats or anything to back it up...?? Cuz Last year before he got injured he BEASTED, and this year he's already caused 3 TO's and been HOW good?!?!?


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                          To the league....ya, that includes you Tom Brady.......

                          THROW THE BALL CHAMP'S WAY...........PLEASE!!!!


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                            And he 100% earned it, so anyone (non-Broncos fans) who wants to complain he got it because of his name can eat it

                            Dunno if anyone heard him on Rome's radio show today (about 10 mins or so into the 2nd hour) and he had a great interview.
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                              His interception against Dallas . . .

                              . . . shows how awesome he is. He always plays the ball and is always looking in the backfield. If you watch the replay, he broke off from the receiver to make a play on the BALL. Most DBs would have stayed with the receiver. The receiver didnt even make a play on the ball. . . it was thrown behind him and he was unable to adjust! But Champino made the big play and pretty much took 3 points off the board. He's a stud.
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