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    Originally posted by Javalon
    1) To get a few yards closer (least important)
    2) To use a little more of the clock which means less time for the Jags to respond
    3) To force the Jags to use their final timeout which would not allow them the option of throwing down the middle of the field (most important)

    Hindsight is 20-20. If Shanahan had thought we'd lose the ball, obviously he would have kicked. But assuming we hang onto the football, running the ball was the right call.

    I would agree with this statement. How many times does a running back and quarterback have a bad mis-changed in games. Odds are certainly against it.

    If QG would have not fumbled and scooted in for the touch down because the hole was wide open then you all that are bashing Shanahan today would have been singing his praises and saying what a great run QG made at the end of the game.

    So we lost a game... Did you think we were going to win every game with new players in skill positions? Many of us have said that the Broncos would go 11-5 or 10-6. If they are to lose some games then it could be on the "road" right? Some games are like that and Jacksonville does have an excellent defense. There is definitely a reason why our receivers were dropping the ball. QG was getting pummelled all day long and he may of thought he was going to get hit again and looked up for a second a missed the exchange. This is also only his second year with limited playing time last year. He will have some growing pains.

    Jacksonville did have one more time out and the Broncos did need them to use it.

    Fluke plays happen and we were just a victim of a fluke play. Let's look on to San Diego. This game is behind us.

    Congratulations to the Jaguar fans that wrote in and predicted that there team would win. Your running back defense record in still intact.
    Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12


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      jag fans: for those of you who have been respectable fans...thanks for not rubbing it in more

      Denver fans: lets forget about this. dwelling on this just makes me mad and mondays are bad enough as it is. SD is next at Mile High. We need to get on track there. LT is always dangerous so i hope we're ready for them. Losing at home is not an option.


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        Denver dominated offensively and defensively. If not for self-inflicted wounds, they have the W. -- --


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          Originally posted by NameUsedBefore
          I agree.

          Many third and ones all with this play: have a 5'7" runningback go up against the biggest strength in a great run-D. You try that maybe once or twice; but not over and over again with your runningback having little chance to get those yards.

          Pitiful, pitiful playcalling.
          The 3rd and short playcalling was seemingly awful, but I think that some of those plays weren't designed (and thus weren't called) to go up the middle in to the strength of the Jags D-line. Instead, the Jags D-line was completely demolishing our O-line leaving Q little choice but to lower his head and drive forward hoping for the best. On many of the running plays the offensive line was already on the ground (or stumbling backwards) by the time Q got the handoff. There were no cutback lanes for Q to work because there were no offensive linemen that were able to maintain their blocks long enough to create the slightest bit of daylight. On one play I remember Lepsis actually made the tackle as he was driven back right in to Q.

          Sure, hindsight is 20/20 and Shanahan should've called some pass plays and/or boots on those 3rd and 1's (imo), but the bottom line is that the playcalling and execution was good enough to give us the opportunity to win and we didn't - all because of one mistake.

          Hand it to the Jags front seven. They're the only reason that last drive was a must score drive and not just another opportunity to run out the clock.
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