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While the game is still fresh in your minds

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  • While the game is still fresh in your minds

    What did you all think of the Jags version of a shut down corner in Rashean Mathis?

    I'd also like to hear any constructive critisism regarding our offensive line and the offense in general.

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    I was wondering when you'd enter? Your D-fense is really good, I cant say great Yet!.

    I simply cannot comment on anything about your team, they are an average middle of the pack team this year. Where as the Broncos clearly are not but, at the very least above the Jags. I Gave you your props earlyer in a post entirely for you. As nice and courtieous as you've come across I can only say your a Gentleman and welcome here anytime. To get to my point, the Jags escaped with their lives. The better team didnt win tonight, Im sure the future will tell more of how the Jags are not as good as the Broncos this season.
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      Both defenses played so well it was hard to really judge the offenses , but i like lefty, iv watched him since he was playing with marshall , and he is going to be a very good qb, he has a strong arm, once he gets more touch on his short passes he will be a monster. Its a shame about spicer, poor guy broke his leg.
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        I sure didn't notice any 'shut down corner' on your D.....just some badly thrown passes/run routes.
        No picks - narey a knockdown....simple overthrows/underthrows.
        Plus, for being outgained by MORE than 2:1, I'd not say too much about your o (little).
        Your twin towers are your best asset on D......without them, you'd not have a chance.
        Simply put: bad bounces/luck won you this game. Congrats.
        We'll have a better chance of making the playoffs, whereas you will most likely get 3rd in your division and 'home for the holidays'.....
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          you've got awesome run D...but broncos threw whenever they wanted...if Jake was accurate 80% of the time, he had a couple of guys wide open but he couldn't get them in stride...but yeah nobody is going to be able to run on you guys, but I would fear a passing team..

          do you guys play Kansas this year? I would love to see that match-up with Priest and the Chiefs O-line versus that outstanding run D...
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            Jacksonville's offense is not very good. Had it not been for the great special teams play today they would have been shut out. The O-line pass protects pretty well (although that may have been more about the poor d-line play of Denver) but they are horrible run blockers. Leftwich has a cannon but I am not real impressed with the way he lumbers back from center and has to really wind up to throw down field. Jacksonville has been badly outplayed the first two weeks and won which does not bode well down the road as these things usually even out.


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              So none of you guys were impressed with Mathis, fine.

              Yes, we play Kansas in 4 weeks, the Colts in 2 and 5 weeks. Those two are about as good as it get's when it comes to the passing game. Now regarding our run blocking, that is what I wanted you all to touch on, since Denver is the best at it I thought you all could give us a few pointers.