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I Blame the game on Shanahan.

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  • I Blame the game on Shanahan.

    If Shanahan is such an offensive guru, then why the hell did he call so many running plays on 3rd and short all day against a good run D like the Jags? That's what really pisses me off. That's why we had to punt so many times when we clearly dominated the game. It just baffles me.

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    And why did he run it up the middle everytime on those 3rd downs???? I agree!


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      Who knows. No one can run up the middle against those big beasts. Those were bad calls. Should have ran it outside.

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        Where were the mis-direction plays? Seemed like all day we just ran straight plays sprinkled with a few play actions and no adjustments at half-time???


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          Originally posted by TheGlue Factory
          Where were the mis-direction plays? Seemed like all day we just ran straight plays sprinkled with a few play actions and no adjustments at half-time???

          Absolutely, I would love to hear Mike take some of the heat but, he wont. The Broncos after all were in the postion at the end of the game to win, and didnt.


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            Shanahan is far from Genius

            The Jags loss lies solely on Shanahan.

            forget about Quentins fumble.

            Its 3rd down. you have no timeouts with 37 seconds left in a game that your down by one, and you are already in range to kick a 40 yard field goal. Your defense has dominated all day long, so holding for 35 more seconds is a reasonable request.

            Your offensive line has been manhandled all day long and your tiny running back has been a nonfactor all day long. If the Jags D line stuffs Quentin....which is likely cuz they been doing all day long, you dont make the first down you dont have time to get your kicking team set up and you cant stop the clock.

            the game rides on your decision....what do you do?

            Most logical choice : kick the field goal on 3rd down, with an extra down incase of miscues.

            2nd most logical choice : see above.

            what logical reason did Shanahan have to all of a sudden not have confidence in his defense?



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              I am a long time Bronco fan from NY and I agree that that was the worst play calling I have seen from the Broncos in a long time. That was one of the most frustrating losses I can remeber. Why did MS not pass on 3rd and 1 on the 2nd to last possesion. Instead he runs and has to punt. We were lucky to get the ball back. The D DOES look tough though. And Why not keep the ball in JP's hands on the last play. MS calls those rollouts 5-10 times a game. No one canj stop it. I was screaming for that call and got a handoff instead. Mike blew the game and he needs to be accountable not Jake, QTip or anyone else. They played against a good D and our D was up to the task. Our O is weak but the game was one and Mike blew it. I am beginning to think he does not have any confidense in Jake throwing the ball, but he only had to bootleg to win yesterday.


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                You people amaze me!!! Are you really that dumb?

                This in no way is SHanny's fault. Actually him and Jake have absorbed alot of the heat from the media and taken it off Q! If Q had handled the ball there was about 10-15 yards in front of him. All he hasd to do was recieve the ball.

                If ELam misses the kick then you guys would be complaining he didnt movie it closer! SH** happens, get over it, move forward, DELETE THIS THREAD!!


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                  I sorry Al, but Mike called a scared game yesterday and he should have kept the ball in Jake's hands. That play is always open. There was just as good a chance to pick up yardage on the bootleg as running Qtip. And a lot more safe. Yeh **** does happen and if Q had not fumbled it would be no issue but the call was to bootleg.


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                    There is enough blame to go around for that game. As for Shanahan this is my thoughts:

                    If QG would have not fumbled and scooted in for the touch down because the hole was wide open then you all that are bashing Shanahan today would have been singing his praises and saying what a great run QG made at the end of the game.

                    You can always look at plays afer the game and say you wished they would have turned out better. Any coach is going to make bad calls.

                    I would rather have Shanahan calling the plays then anyone else out there.
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                      I agree. I am not calling for Mike's head or anything but his play calling stood out like a sore thumb yesterday. Everybody's performance is ultimately based on results not what if's. The fact is the play failed and the team lost because of it. And that is a fact. A hand off is always risky that is why QB's take a knee. All I am saying is that I thought the call was a bootleg and I was calling for it before the play. Maybe that is why I was so aggrevated by the call and the loss. It would have been great if QG had gained five and we kicked FG but we all know what happened.


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                        My thoughts this morning after the beer has left my system and i shed my last tear over the loss is this.Denver played a great game,plummer was on,rod smith looked good and q was doing his job..we played well against a very good d and our d played as well as they did,the broncos looked great.1 fumble and 1 missed 3 pointer took us down but man,we out played them big time.i think we all need to see this and understand we are going to have a great season,we can only get bodys fault..
                        GOOOOO BRONCOS..


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                          The question to ask yourself is this: "How many 39 yards or less field-goals does Jason Elam miss?"

                          2003 Jason Elam games:16 0-19 yd: 0-0 20-29 yd:10-11 30-39 yd:6-6 40-49 yd: 9-11 50+ yd:2-3 pct: 87.1 (27 out of 31)

                          So, from 40 yds or closer he's 16-17 or .941%

                          You don't need to move the ball closer and take a risk of a fumble. The biggest risk at that point is a fumbled snap. That's why you don't leave it to the last second. If there's a fumbled snap, your holder can fall on it, and Elam tries a 44 yd. field goal, where he's still 6-6 last year.

                          This was a no-brainer. And that's exactly the way Shanahan played it.

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                            While that is true, we SHOULD NOT have lost to Jacksonville.

                            Good defense they may have and all, they are not a playoff team, Denver is. It seems that every year Denver is involved in some kind of heartbreaking loss or strange sequence of events that leads to a heartbreaking loss. I can't wait for the days where we can get back to winning the close games instead of trying to find the positives in a squeaker loss.

                            We wait all year for the season to roll around with great expectations just like many other fans. When it finally does come around you want your team to perform well and demonstrate perserverance over the mistakes that plagued them from LAST season. So far, to me, this offensive team looks exactly the same as last year.

                            I'm thinking ahead to the future, and while I do believe Denver will take the AFC West this season, it's hard to believe they could lose to the Jags. What would happen if both teams are 10-6 at seasons end? Jacksonville gets the damn tiebreaker for the wildcard, and with their schedule, they COULD win 10 games.

                            I just don't want to go through another season where we have to play down to our opponents. Why can't we dominate the teams we're supposed to dominate and take advantage of defensive miscues? This is a frustrating loss to say the least and if something goes wrong this year where Denver doesn't get into the PO's, we can all remember Week 2.

                            Just the thought of not getting into an always tight AFC playoff race on the strength of a 1-point loss makes my blood boil.


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                              Well two reasons we ran so much, the first one being thats broncos football, we run alot, we run to set up the pass...the second is shanny still seems like he is trying to prove his system is what makes the runners good, problem is against a defence like the jags have you just cant look good running, every good back in the league didnt get 100 on them last season, and after watching them i dont think anybody will get 100 on them any time soon. Sure at the end of the game we started moving the ball in the air but the jags went into a soft coverage to prevent a big bomb down field, they were giving the sideline passes up, no matter what plays were called or straight runs, or tosses, what ever, the fact is shanny's play calling had us in prime position to win the game there at the end, the fumble ended it, you cant blame shanny, it was up to the players to execute the simple run play, and bad luck hit them.
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