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    What an (anal passage).
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      I expect nothing less of Kizla. The guy is an idiot. I hate it when the Broncos lose because all the turds come out on Monday morning. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. If you are so freakin smart then why the hell aren't you a coach in the NFL?
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        Weak offense. lol


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          I have to say that to a point I agree with the article...not all of it, but with the fact that he calls our offensive performance against the Chiefs a delusion.
          Our play yesterday isn't indicative of our offensive capabilites, but neither was last sundays game against the chiefs.
          Our ability on the offensive ball lies somewhere between those two games.
          Just as it was shown in preseason, our offense is our weak spot.

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            Boy, that is a pretty tough article and this guy is a Denver writer. I have to say that although I think hes being a little tough on the offense he still makes a good point. He stated how we no longer have number 7, TD, and Shannon and the days of their offensive leadership is gone. Hes right. Yeah you could have kicked the field goal on third down or you try to get a little better position like we did, either way it just wasnt meant for us to win the game. Its not likely that Jason misses but he could have, bad snap or field goal block. Bottom line is we have to rebound and stop Ladanian next week.



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              Originally posted by JHoward
              it just wasnt meant for us to win the game. Its not likely that Jason misses but he could have, bad snap or field goal block.
              Consider the fumbled punt return which Rod had to cover for no yards and the fluke on the previous field goal attempt. I'd agree with the assessment that we weren't meant to win yesterday.


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                totally agree with luvdembroncs...
                It's easy to talk after it happened.....


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                  Mark Kiszla for years has written columns that have bashed different sports figures and teams and does not have very positive to say mostly. On 560 he is always getting callers mad and they either hang up on him, or he hangs up on them.

                  His role is to play the person the fans hate. He relishes that role and tries to write articles that will inspire others to hate him. Of all the news people in Denver, he is the least respected, but everyone knows he will get the people stirred up and that creates calls and e-mails and publicity for the paper or the radio, so he is playing his part "perfectly".

                  When I see a column he has written, I never take it seriously because I know he is just trying to stir up trouble.
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                    Kiszla is an idiot and I will not give him the hit for his site that he so obviously needs to maintain employment in an industry that he can only wish to be aquainted with.

                    He offers no evidence for his supposed qualifications or rather allegations pertaining to the Broncos offense. His antiquated responses are that of a 3rd grader making assumptions about how the real world works. It is great to have a position where you don't make any decisions and can prudently make comments on a topic you know nothing about to coax your own ego.

                    We are better than how we played. It happens. How do we respond?! That is what I want to know, not what Krappy Kiszla has to say. I could care less.

                    I wouldn't use his articles to wipe my @ss with...


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                      Lol, Sounds like this reporter had money on the game, either that or he is big time pi.ssed off that Q is ducking the cameras, but hell, he did that last week after the big win, the dude is just shy, but its making these reporters mad that he is out smarting, playing' hide and go seek' with the human leeches known as journalists......lmao
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                        While I agree with him that Shanny should have kicked the FG, I think most of his points are crap. Oh well.


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                          Kiszla has always been an a-hole. That's the theory behind it. They play good reporter-bad reporter over there. Kiszla makes his name by being negative about the Broncos. Woody Paige is the resident homer. It's all an act, you see. Articles like this get people talking, and that's what it's all about.

                          Kiszla gets paid to be a negative a-hole when it concerns the Broncos. That's his job. It sells papers. If the Broncos signed Jesus Christ to play Quarterback, Kiszla would be screaming about how they passed on Allah.

                          Think about it...who doesn't know who Mark Kiszla is?


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                            Man U have to agree with him, our O was horrible and we MUST itas an obligation to increase the O!

                            Look at this guy!!! He is kicking some asses!!!

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                              And some people are forgetting if it wasnt for the roughing the passer penalty, which in all honesty was pretty lame, yes it was legit, but still lame - we never even would have gotten close to being in FG range -

                              and what amazes me is everyone only looks back to the SB years when comparing todays team to the teams of past - if I recall there were plenty of years the broncos sucked even with elway