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Griffin's week 1 performance a fluke?

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    Originally posted by PrimeTime2479
    Im going back to work!
    yeah right


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      Alright, enough....I see his sarcasm. Everybody back to work!

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        Originally posted by AsianOrange
        Alright, enough....I see his sarcasm. Everybody back to work!

        honestly man, I met you no offense......I didn't mean it like that at all.....


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          Re: Griffin's week 1 performance a fluke?

          Originally posted by AsianOrange
          DeShaun Foster ripped up the Chiefs as well....

          So does this mean that Q is only good against terrible run defenses?

          Or Deshaun good as well?
          do you actualy watch football?
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            Originally posted by orangenblue420
            You may not have but you did start your post with - what do you know - so, need I say more
            I thought you would take it as a joke, i'm sorry if you didn't.


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              Originally posted by pikman
              Q's real test will come against SD this Sunday...If ever you are going to find out what a player is made of it is how he bounces back from a play like yesterdays.

              Judging from what has been said and written about him I think that Q will bounce back with the kind of game the Broncos expect from him.

              Also...if after yesterday there are any questions about Q's ability to take a beating I think they were answered yesterday as well. The little man took a pretty good pounding thanks in part to Shanny thinking they could run up the middle so often.

              i agree the lack of run wasnt on q's shoulders, did any of his critics watch the game? where was he gonna go, i mean on alot of the plays as soon as he touched the ball he was swallowed up, the line has got to give him a little room, but he earned those 66 yards. the fumble was not a fumble but a botched handoff, how can it be his fumble if he never had possesion? this loss should go on the coaching staff not on the team cause they did what they were told, which was up the gut , up the gut , now pass,, didnt work and by the 4th we should have found somthing that did
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                We need to report this thread to a mod - that way they can see why we need smilies - and why people need to post smilies with their response if they are trying to come across sarcastic of facetious or funny or angry - words written on the MB just arent cutting it -