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Holy Cow Batman! Robert Ayers Is Playing Very Good (stats)

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    Originally posted by masterQP View Post
    that site is bs. There is no way he is better than Dumervil. Dumervil hasn't looked that bad against the run this year and he has 10 sacks.
    The site is legitimate, as the stats are all good (as far as I can tell), but it is misleading because it doesn't discriminate for/against certain players.
    Robert Ayers is a perfect example of this lack of discrimination. Ayers should not be placed where he is because he isn't a 3 down player. Rather he only comes in on passing downs, meaning that teams don't run very often when he is in, and when they do they are spread out and don't have as many blockers as well as it is typically a shotgun draw play up the gut. The Broncos pass defense has also been amazing on obvious passing downs, meaning that there isn't the threat of giving up big passing plays and opposing QB's passer ratings have been terrible during those situations where he is put into the game.

    This doesn't mean he isn't a bad player, but rather that he should not be put up above 3 down players that are placed right below him on this list.


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      Acording to this site Devon Hester is better than Brandon Marshall lol