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Anyone else worried about this game?

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    Anyone else worried about this game?
    No. Not really.


    Most stats (like the one you're upset about) are just coincidental. They're not really rooted in the skill level of the teams in question or based on any kind of evidence. It's just a "this is how it turned out randomly" kind of thing.

    It really doesn't have any bearing and should not be used as a predictor.

    Remember that until Denver beat San Diego, no team in the league had beaten another team that had just come off a bye this season either.


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      The only thing that worries me is... The Ravens have had our number for awhile. I'm not going to look up the H2H record or anything; but it seems like we always lose to them.

      I am however, confident that this is a winnable game and I'm pretty pumped about it.:go:


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        I'm worried. But then again, I worry about every game. It's not that I don't think they'll win- I just know it's the NFL and as the old saying goes "any given Sunday". I believe they'll win...but am worried just the same.
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          I can promise you this.......With the Steelers and Bengals both at 5-2 and the Ravens losing 3 straight games......They are alot more worried about the 6-0 Broncos than we are worried about them.

          This could be a season breaker for them. Worst case scenario for the Broncos, they would be 6-1 and still in great shape.



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            Ray Lewis. Suggs. Flacco. Rice.

            I am worried . . .

            . . . but I hope the team is feeling battle tested and confident in their mission: "Just do your job."

            Confident, yes. But still game plan, baby.


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              If you think Fabian Washington and Dominique Foxworth are gonna be able to stop Marshall and Royal....then you should worry. But for me (Like the other 99.99% of the fans) I don't think so.


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                Originally posted by trenchwar08 View Post
                Ray Lewis. Suggs. Flacco. Rice.

                I am worried . . .

                . . . but I hope the team is feeling battle tested and confident in their mission: "Just do your job."

                Confident, yes. But still game plan, baby.
                Every team is going to have a hand full of names that might make you worry. But it takes more than a few scattered individuals to make a good team. The Bengals, Cowboys, Patriots and Chargers Offenses are just as good as anything out there. They all had a hand full of weapons....


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                  First off - the whole 'we beat two teams they lost to' argument means relatively nothing. Morale can shift out and out regardless of the circumstances and can have a massive boost or lack-there-of on the skill of an entire team as a whole.

                  With that logic, I can say this - we should have win the Vikings' game, but due to a missed kick late in the game after our team sky-rocketed us back into it, we did not.

                  With that logic, I can say this - we should have won the Patriots' game but a missed pass by Mark Clayton, well, DROPPED pass, more or less, stopped that from occuring.

                  It's going to be a great game. And we'll have morale. We've been in worse situations than this and came off top incredibly.

                  You guys have an amazing team this year, and I'm more than shocked. And I am worried. I am worried that we might not make it out, but I also have hope that we will make it out. They're my team.

                  Over-rall, it's going to be a tough game for both sides. Both of our teams' play incredibly good games.

                  Us, for one, play incredibly aggressive run defense. Smashmouth.

                  Good luck, Denver. I'll be at M&T Bank to see the game directly. And I am anticipating a great game. :salute!::salute!::salute!:


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                    I'm worried, the Ravens are a good team. I think win or lose this week, the Ravens will make the playoffs this year.


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                      I worry about every game. Especially road games. Especially road against teams with something to prove.

                      I thought the SD game was critical; it showed the team can stay focused and prepared after a big-time emotional win. Now we'll see if they can stay focused and prepared after an extra week off.

                      OTOH, Orton should finally be close to 100%, Buck'sback. This could be the week the offense finally explodes all over somebody. Here's hoping.
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                        Originally posted by Poindexter View Post
                        The Vikings didn't beat the Steelers, because Favre kept turning over the ball. KO won't be making those same mistakes.

                        I'm not looking at the Steelers game just yet. Right now I see us playing a 3-3 Ravens team that is struggling to find it's identity after Ryan left. Barring us beating ourselves I don't see us losing to the Ravens.
                        Very valid point. With that being said I don't think this game is going to be any harder or easier than our last 3 games. It's going to come down to the wire because that's just how we play.

                        If we get pressure to Flacco then he can become VERY mistake prone. Shut down Mason and Rice , thus minimizing their scoring tandum and we should be good. This also means we need to get TD's instead of FG's and NO MORE PENALTIES!!

                        Other than that this is going to be a hard fought battle...get cha popcorn ready!!


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                          Penalties and Turnovers...

                          If we win that battle, we win this game.


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                            Dont forget...young gunslinger equals INTS!!!

                            but Flacco is quite a talent and so are the rest of the Ravens...can't wait for the game...especially since the byee....


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                              nah we're the underdogs once again.

                              I think we win this game.
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                                Worried about this game? Frankly, no

                                Originally posted by Bronco_Rob View Post
                                Just saw a stat that says it has been 5 years since a team won back to back games against teams coming off a bye.
                                It's also been 11 years since the Broncos started 6-0. Sometimes the so-called historical "trends" are just coincidences.

                                Originally posted by Bronco_Rob View Post
                                We have to travel all the way across the country. I know we can win this game but it seems like we have a lot going against us at this point. Oh by the way we have to play a 3rd consecutive game against a team coming off the bye next weekend in the Steelers. To say the schedule is stacked against us would be an understatement as it's hard to see us winning either of the next two games.
                                Rather than forcasting games based on what's "going against us", I prefer to look at who's the better team.
                                Denver has a much better defense for a change. We have a great receiving corps going against a very suspect secondary. And we have an adequate run game, and a terrific game managing QB.

                                Baltimore has a scary RB, but we've contained good RB this year. They have a decent QB, but again, we've got a terrific defense.

                                honestly, I just don't see this game being as big of a challenge as many think it is.

                                Broncos 34-17