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Anyone else worried about this game?

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    Originally posted by Mile High Jedi View Post
    If we win that battle, we win this game.
    That's generally how it works
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      Two weeks for McDominance to prepare against a mediocre secondary...

      I'm feeling pretty good about this one.


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        I am worried about this game. Baltimore always plays NE tough. I think they know what there doing when it comes to disrupting this offense.


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          Worried is such a strong word. Concerned? maybe that's what I'm looking for. I do no discount the Ravens one bit. And I know they are a good team. I just think that we're better. If their D plays as well as it can, it will be a tough game. I still say we've got this one though
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            i "worry" about every game,why would this week be any different?
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              Baltimore is my 2nd fav team after the Broncos, and they are 3-3 but a reeeeal good 3-3 team. I honestly think they are the best team we've faced thus far, honestly unless we're on our stuff, I think we lose the game but not get blown out.


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                Originally posted by Poindexter View Post
                The Vikings didn't beat the Steelers, because Favre kept turning over the ball. KO won't be making those same mistakes.

                I'm not looking at the Steelers game just yet. Right now I see us playing a 3-3 Ravens team that is struggling to find it's identity after Ryan left. Barring us beating ourselves I don't see us losing to the Ravens.
                and then he'd run along line he was going to make some big play lol.... ah Favre... you're hilarious.

                did anyone see him got to do yet another chop block and totally miff it? lolololol



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                  If we're 6-1 with a loss against the Ravens, I'm not going to blow my brains out.

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                    Last season I was always worried because I didn't know what team would show up...

                    This season I'm interested and curious, because I still don't know what team will show up but I know they're going out with a plan and passion about what they are doing so even if we do lose a game it's going to be a good game, and we will be aggressive and not afraid to take chances or try new things... So I'm not worried at all, really I'm enjoying watching Broncos football more than I have since Elway.


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                      i think its oddly funny that when other "good" teams win close games or come from behind everyone makes it loud and clear that they think this game defines them as a team and they needed this game and it will give them good experience.....

                      Denver has pretty much had every game like the, except 2. If it comes down to ....a close game i think denver has every advantage on our side.
                      ....the D is lights out in the second half, as is our offense
                      ....KO has been playing great in game winning drives and in the 4th.
                      ....Marshall is an animal that finds the endzone whenever we need it the most.
                      ....We have way more close games that we have won this year, thus more confidence
                      ....We have veteran leadership in all the right places
                      ....out o line could block for a QB in a wheel chair

                      all those advantages i think give us the edge in winning any close game this year


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                        Trust me the Ravens are Really Worried about us.

                        They are a good team but they are not a great team.
                        I will always be a Bronco fan--->

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                          I don't think Baltimore's Defense is that great. Has looked suspect all year.

                          Denver brings there A game there is no contest.


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                            I worry about every game. Even the upcoming matchup with the Redskins.


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                              Gambling Ring

                              Hello everyone out there! I'm new to this site and have a question. I am worried about this game but for another reason...On my way to work this morning I heard a quick sound bite on the the Denver radio Station - KOA - said something about some Denver Broncos involved in a gambling ring. Has anyone else heard this? I can't find anything about it anywhere. That's all we need, playing well, everyone seems to be getting along and then news lke that.....There wasn't any more information about it and I haven't heard any more.. surely they wouldn't say something like that over the air unless there was something to it.


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                                Maybe it's me...but I worry about every game...regardless of opponent, regardless of circumstance.