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Broncos Release Brett Kern

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    Originally posted by tman24 View Post
    I bet they would kick your ass. Sorry I had to say it.
    It's not my ass I'm worried about them kicking.



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      Originally posted by Al Wilson 4 Mayor View Post

      The kicking Colquitts!
      Now only if we could get them to celebrate after their punts, like the Gramatica brothers did after kicking their field goals.

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        I like this move .....

        Accountability and I think its pretty obvious that McD didnt think Kern was getting the job done .... :wave:
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          Woohooo! Our new punter!! I'm so excited!!!

          Okay not really... But oh well at least we got bye week news... Good luck to Kern


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            Kern always had ability, IMO he just didn't know how to control it.

            Berger has had success despite his age, so welcome to Denver.


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              Maybe we draft one next year? We have a young team, well balanced, plenty of draft picks. I could see spending a pick on a long-term punter if a really good prospect is out there.
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                Originally posted by ExBearFan View Post
                Maybe we draft one next year? We have a young team, well balanced, plenty of draft picks. I could see spending a pick on a long-term punter if a really good prospect is out there.
                We wouldn't have to give up more than a 6th for one of the top punters. You can find quality legs in UDFA too.


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                  In McDaniels We Trust. We have learned that right?


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                    If somebody told me before the day started that a player on this team was cut and replaced... Kern would have been my second guess.

                    First guess? Matt Prater. Sorry, but it's true.
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                      What is with all of these personnel moves? Can't we keep some consistency around here? It's like a revolving door with all of these...wait...what? Oh. Nevermind.


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                        I'm really upset to hear this. Kern was a great young punter. We'll see how this new guy does.
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                          If you are inside opposition territory but too far for a field goal and your punter can't pin the other team inside the ten you've got problems.

                          Like if you're at the forty something looking at a fifty plus yard FG on fourth and short you're better off going for it than punting a touchback. A net of twenty-some yards in field position versus a chance to retain possession going for it, is a no brainer. If you can pin them tho, it's a different story.

                          Kern was struggling with placement for sure, had a few shanks too.



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                            Apparently Kern kicks lower and straighter... that is to say he out-kicks the coverage. The result, Kern had the second worst average for punt return yardage against... 14.9 yds per return.

                            I guess in McDaniels' world, that gets you the gate. I trust the coach, and am totally fine with this move.

                            Go Broncos!


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                              No no no no no no no

                              I watched multiple Steelers games last year, and all I can tell you is that Mitch Berger was absolutely HORRIBLE.

                              I mean hideous. He sucked so hard in Pittsburgh

                              Why McDaniels why? Just because of one punt return for a touchdown? I didn't see the Chargers cut Nate Kaeding for giving up that kickoff return for a TD. Or cutting Mike Scifres because he gave up that punt return for a TD.

                              Mitch Berger sucks.

                              I'm actually a little sad, and that's sad considering that it was a punter.

                              I much rather have Britton Colquitt.



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                                Brett Kern is going to go down and PWN the UFL and we'll all be sorry. He'll show us.