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What was the 1st Broncos game you attended?

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  • What was the 1st Broncos game you attended?

    What was the first Broncos game you attended?

    Mine: October (30?), 2005 at home against the Eagles. I was lucky enough to get north endzone seats 8 rows from the field. I had an absolute blast!! Can't remember what the final score was, something like 42-21, a blow-out. This was also T.O's last game as an Eagle and they were the defending NFC champions. I still remember how insanely loud it was when we were on defense. And the Broncos kept scoring in the north endzone. My wife went with me and was due to have our first child about a week later. She was ready to pop and people around us would comment to her that she should have had the baby right then and there and had a "Bronco baby". Ha. Great time!

    Other games attended: Last game of '06 season against San Fran-loss (D Will's last game, R.I.P.)
    Sept. '07 against Jacksonville-loss
    October '07 Pittsburgh Sunday Nighter-WIN
    Sept. '08 home opener against SD-WIN (thanks ref!!!)
    Early Oct. '08 Tampa Bay-WIN
    Two weeks ago against NE-WIN

    Record so far for me: 5-2

    Up next: Pitt. MNF and last game of season against KC

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    Growing up in Wisconsin and being a John Elway fan, I never thought I would get the chance to see either Elway or the Broncos play. My parents got a hold of a pair of tickets to see the Packers/Broncos game at Lambeau in late 1996. I was thrilled that I would be able to see my football hero and his team play.

    Well, as it turned out, Elway sprained his ankle the week before the trip to Lambeau. With the Broncos having already locked down their playoff position, John Elway wasn't expected to play. In fact, he didn't even make the trip. I'm not even sure who started the game for the Broncos (Kubiak or Maddox?) I just know the Packers trounced the Broncos.

    I look forward to someday going to Denver to see the Broncos at Mile High.:go:

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      The Phipps Brothers still owned the team and my first game was the first Craig Morton game at old Mile High and I have only missed 2 regular season games since. I also went to the '98 Superbowl in Miami.


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        My mom says I was 16 months old, so it had to be a winter game in 1974. She says it was against either the Raiders or the Chiefs. She doesn't remember for sure.

        According to her, I had a fantastic time.


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          Monday, September 26, 1988. Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders.

          I was 8 years old. Mike Shanahan was coaching the Raiders, the Broncos were up by 24 points. They then blew the lead, game went into OT and lost. I hated the Raiders after that loss and the rest is history.

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            I went to the Broncos/Jets game last year with 3 of my friends that are Jets fans. Broncos won 34-17.....that was a fun car ride home haha.


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              The year we won super bowl 32 I went to the home game against Seattle
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                Saturday, December 24, 1994

                Broncos vs Saints

                Karl Mecklenberg and Dennis Smith's last game. The Broncos lost 30-28.


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                  Christmas Eve, 1995. The Broncos beat the Raiders 31-28.
                  Anyone seen Jake Plummer?


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                    I was 9 years old.

                    Sept. 13, 1987. The horrendous NFL debut of Brian Bosworth. John Elway throws 4 TDs as the Broncos destroy Seattle 40-17.


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                      Mine was in December, 1987 a blizzard in Denver...Broncos host Greenbay. Me and my sister and cousin could sit anywhere we wanted. My first time seeing Elway, right there i almost soiled myself. The Cold didn't bother the that was the best day of my life seeing elway playing catch with Vance Johnson. I was 5 feet from Elway..of course he couldn't hear me.


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                        12/16/01 @ KC. We lost in OT but I was just happy to be there.
                        12/21/03 @ IND We won, where Peyton sat the 2nd half.
                        1/9/05 @ IND Second straight playoff loss there. Worst game ever. I was still happy to be able to go.
                        11/4/07 @ DET Lost 44-7 Another bad game. Guess not to much luck when I go but it's all good. Through thick and thin.
                        With these Bronx thru no matter what!!!


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                          1994 Dallas and Denver. Both Tommy Maddox and Shawn Moore alternated offensive series. Moore appeared to be more effective than Maddox. Broncos held their own until halftime. Dallas exploded in the 3rd and 4th quarter and ran away with the game.


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                            Im not really sure, but I THINK it was December 6, 1998 against the Kansas City Chiefs. I was right there when Shannon Sharpe got the game winning TD catch to improve us to 13-0!!!

                            The I went to the game against the Seahawks where TD got 2000 yards in a season.

                            And then I didnt go to a game for 11 years till the Patriot game this year :salute!:


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                              My first Broncos game was in Sept 1988, they played the Chargers and I sat in the north stands at Mile High. I had just turned 8 years old. I beleive we won like 34-3. Other favorite game I attended was the 89 AFC Championship against the Browns.