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More important than the fumble

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    Re: More important than the fumble

    Originally posted by bleedbluorange
    The fumble is what highlights the day. But there are two things that worry me. They were both brought up in the preseason.

    1) The offense not scoring touchdowns. We had a whole lot of offensive yards with only 6 points to show for it. Isnt that exactly how the preseason went. Jake even said wait till the season starts. Well the season is here and we are faced with the same problem

    2) Third down. We had three third and one's that we failed to convert. It has been said all offseason, that Q may not get the tough yards. There is no doubt in my mind that Mike Anderson, Terrell Davis, and Clinton Portis would have converted 2 of the 3 third and one's. Third and one shouldn't call for some super creative play calling. Q is only part of the blame. The offensive line should shoulder a lot of it. However, on third and one holes are not always gonna be there. Youve got to move the pile.

    I hate the Q is being criticized so much for the fumble, but he did screw it up. But I'm sure he wont fumble again in that situation

    I agree. I'm disappointed with Q, but the Offense has GOT to get their **** together.
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      Re: Re: More important than the fumble

      Originally posted by MileHighMadness
      I agree. I'm disappointed with Q, but the Offense has GOT to get their **** together.
      Yeah, all the yards in the world dont mean anything without the points.


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        whoever says it was a dumb call by Shanny to run the play and not kick the field goal is just plain being stupid.

        It's easy to say kick the field goal on 3rd down after you saw the fumble. but coaching 101 tells you to eat the clock when you can kick the FG and give the opponents no time to score points.

        I bet if he kicked the field goal on 3rd down with over 20 seconds left and made it we would be up 9-7. Then on the kickoff Jags run the ball into FG range and kick the game winning field goal. I bet you would say SHanny was dumb for not runnign out the clock. With people like you there's no way to win.

        Any coach would not kick the FG on third down when you can run the clock out and kick the FG and not give the other team a chance to score. I am sick and tired of people coming here and second guessing shanny. If you can do a better job why don't you go coach an NFL team.

        Plain and simple we lost it was a mistake and mistakes happen. Yes we're all upset about the loss but it's one game. We got 14 more to go, put this behind us and look forward to San Diego where it means something as it's a divison game.

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          Originally posted by heaney
          Nope, so far Q has costed us 10 pts and 1 game
          you mean jason elam has cost us 1 game if you wanna get technical.