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How Bout Dem Broncos.

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    Originally posted by Crazie
    I think we can beat the Colts
    If we play as good as we did today, over in Indianapolis, then hell yea we will!
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      Originally posted by DPAC88
      Plummer aint hav a great day, but that was due to receivers not holdin on to the ball (like lelie wide open, missed dat great oporunity )
      From the official game thread it sounds like there were some drops. I just hope he helped more than he hurt. I also hope he showed that leadership I know he has (and some fans were wondering/questioning earlier in the week).

      Damn, I'm so glad Plummer and myself have been delivered out of bondage (aka the Cardinals) and it's all about the Broncos. If the number of fans or the heart of fans helps the team at all, I'll give it everything I have.

      Enjoy, everyone. Party for me.
      Victory and defeat are matters of the temporary force of circumstance.

      Thanks, Snk16!!