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  • Definitely agree. We have talent at the RB position and today is the time to use it. It was about this time last year that Hillis started to pound down defences that were starting to tire after the season so far and I think he could do that again.

    This game is all about playing to our strengths and with Simms as QB, we have to run the ball. It'll hopefully keep their D off the field and tiring them out for later in the game, plus it keeps Rivers on the sideline.

    It's a big day for everyone and we've got to stand up and be counted.


    • Originally posted by MindField View Post
      The only one WRONG around here is you and the other Orton aplologists.
      You embarass yourself when you make comments like this.

      Before you open your mouth and make yourself look even more foolish, you should do an in-depth study of Kyle Orton, his history, his stats at throwing the ball over his entire career, and then maybe you will know what you are talking about. The Broncos aren't 25th in the NFL with plays over 20 yards by accident.

      The stats are GLARING that he cannot and does not throw the deep ball.

      The Redskins game changes nothing. They blew a couple of coverages else do you explain Marshall standing at the 20 with no on within 20 yards of him?? That sure as hell wasn't a frozen rope Orton threw, LOL, it looked like a punt. Marshall almost had to fair catch the thing....and stop making excuses for the Royal throw, Orton straight missed a wide open receiver thaat would have scored on the play.

      BTW, after today, the Broncos will be 6-4, which makes 6-6 just two weeks away.

      Do I know this team or do I know this team?

      I can see their act coming from miles away, as I have been watching if for over thiry years.

      It's like groundhog day being a Bronco fan.
      Well la de da Mindfield, you can have a big :thumb:

      You saw us at 6-3 because of ortons "bad playing at qb".

      Well he wasn't pulled out because of his bad playing, the guy was hurt. So now you're taking credit for seeing the lost because of it. This is worst than the bangels fan who was here taking credit for the loses to the steelers and the ravens.

      You didn't see any of this happening. This is because of injury, not because of your insight into Broncos football or football in general. You did not predict anything correct, the team fell into a bad spot when ko was injured and now your taking credit for calling it.

      Dude you were wrong and still are wrong about how the season has turned out.

      Nice bring up your thread after you know orton won't be playing



      • Originally posted by Broncoboy6 View Post
        Aloha Everyone, First i would like to say GO BRONCOS!!!. I would like to see our offense run the ball more today, As i believe that will help to wear down the big fella's on the Chargers d-line. I would love to see Coach Mcdaniels stretch the field like they did in last week's game againts the Redskins(at least to keep the secondary on their heels). I would also love to see Hillis get in the game and buss some heads. I believe all in all, Our running backs will have a heck of a game(and it is not that i don't have faith in Chris Simms). Our WR's always have good games, It's is just that they needed to adjust to Simms at the moment and i don't feel that they have had sufficient time to do so, But enough for some plays. Last but not least, GO BRONCOS!!!. Have a good one, Mahalo & GOD bless. :go:
        I have been saying it all week: If we can the rull the ball, we have a fighting chance; if we are forced into a shootout, we lose-

        This IS the season right now, plain and simple. We win this game, we make the playoffs. We lose, and the AFC wildcard race is going to be a bloodbath. The team we beat are winning division, and the ones we lost two are going to be WC competititors. Not Good.....

        Look, win or lose I am very excited about the future of this team right now. The O is one or two season from being very, very good. We have acquired some cast-offs and put together a respectable D. Special Team has alot of work to do, but I anticipate them getting much better.

        I really hope we win. A win, short week, TG coming up- it would be sweet!
        A super bowl victory is the only thing that matters in a season. So to show improvement you have to get closer than we were last year. So the AFCC game is a good answer if we only match what we did last year it is a failure. The Giants were 9-7 and won it all so record or first round bye mean nothing unless you win it all-

        #87Birdman wrote it- adding Manning, the Broncos should be held to it, and certain posters think otherwise and we know who you are.....


        • I completely agree that the key to success is going to be running the ball today. Having said that, the Chargers D will stack the line and force Chris Simms (assuming he's the starter) to beat them with his arm. Let's hope McD has a few things up his sleeve this afternoon in the creativity department to counter that.
          Geaux Tigers


          • The only problem is that the Chargers know this too.

            The key to this game is how smart of a QB is Simms and how well does he know this offense . If he was a legitimate choice for starter he should step in and be able to play well enough for win . If he was a pretender than we are in for a long day .
            "(Touchdowns) are the goal," Orton said. "You can run for as many yards as you want, throw for as many yards as you want, but you have to convert to seven points. I think we're going to be explosive, be dynamic, be versatile."

            "Perception is everything in this league, and a lot of times, unless you're a self-promoter, it can become negative," - Kyle Orton

            Kyle Orton Army member #83 :logo: :smug:


            • Agreed......