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If the season ended today, and those "WHAT IF" scenarios for us in the playoffs

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  • I'd rather just win both games, destiny is still in our hands. If we lose to philly, we lose the power to control our destiny. Hopefully the players will remember this and bounce back with a win. :go:


    • They have to bounce back. I just hope Dawkins will get that defense pumped up and want to make a statement. I'm worried about offense though.


      • going to say it again, if we can not go into philly which we must treat as a playoff game and win, lets not worry about playoffs. I will root for the team and they sure made indy sweat, but if you can not win a must win game, then thinking playoffs to me is just silly

        If we in this room is thinking about losing on the road, then forget it, we will be on the road for every playoff game as a wild card.

        Tell me why we will win in philly and make the playoffs.

        BTW Phillys pass heavy attack is good for the Broncos.


        • We're going to be underdogs against Philly. According to recent bronco history, that is good for us. No one gave us a chance to win that Giants game and we handled them with ease. Don't give up yet. If we can contain DeSean Jackson then I definitely like our chances in this game.


          • Originally posted by donnyrides View Post
            we are still sitting in good shape to make the playoffs.

            Jax has NE (L) and Cle (W) - 1 win 1 lose 8 - 8
            MIA has Hou (W) and Pit (L) - 1 win 1 lose 8 - 8
            NYJ has Indy (L) and Cin (L)- 0 wins 2 loses 7-9
            pit has Bal (L)and Miami (W)- 1 win 1 lose 8 - 8
            Ten has SD (L) and Sea (W) - 1 win 1 lose 8 - 8
            Hou has Mia (L) and NE (L) - 0 win 2 lose 7-9

            If Denver can pull off 1 more win (KC) I think we can make it. A win vs philly would be great, but if we only get 1, we need it from KC. We need to be big SD, NE and Raven fans.

            at 9 - 7 we hold the tie breaker over the jets, Tenn and Hou based on divison record and if our 9th win comes over KC then we have the tiebreaker over Jax as well based on divison record

            Pit if they get to 9-7 would be over us because of head to head

            Mia is the tricky one. We could match everything down to the "like opponents" tie breaker but I think they would beat us if they win against pitt.

            We need to win vs KC and we should be ok because I don't see any of the teams making it to 9 - 7 with the schedules they have. It's our spot to lose.
            I am reading the scenerio, how does this mean we are good shope? Pitt beat us head to head, baltimore beat us head to head, we have an chance but I would not call it good.

            Win 2, that has to be how we approach this and we will revisit if we lose AGAIN and want to dream playoffs 9-7 after starting 6-0 --- wow, I just can not see how a team that ends the year 3-7 has any momentum or confidence if they do get in but we shall see.


            • Originally posted by broncolee View Post
              The Broncos will not control their destiny if they lose to the Eagles.

              They control their destiny as long as they win. If they beat the Eagles, they will go into the last game needing only a win to get in, without any help from anyone.

              They better hope the Ravens beat the Steelers because we already know that they can't afford to be tied with the Steelers at 9-7. Most of the others will come down to conference record if a tie is involved.

              If the Broncos go 9-7 by beating the Eagles and losing to the Chiefs, they need the Jaguars, Dolphins, Jets, and Steelers to lose one of their next two games. Of course, in regard to the Steelers, the Broncos need them to lose a game just so they don't have to deal with the head to head tie breaker.

              It doesn't matter what the Titans do so there is absolutely no excuse for rooting for the Dolts.

              The Broncos will have major difficulty getting into the playoffs if they finish 8-8.
              We need Baltimore to lose,they have the same record as we do and hold the tie breaker over us.I hope we win and the Steelers beat the Ravens,that would increase our chances to get in the playoffs.I say go Chargers and Steelers this week.


              • I'd say no. A loss to Philadelphia is almost certain. Then we need to beat Kansas City which is not a sure bet considering current state. And we still depend on other results.


                • Originally posted by milehighrules View Post
                  Please GOD do not make us watch a Vikings v's Chargers Super BORE!

                  I respect your opinion but I personally feel like that would make for a pretty darn exciting Super Bowl.


                  • Originally posted by Roddoliver View Post
                    I'd say no. A loss to Philadelphia is almost certain. Then we need to beat Kansas City which is not a sure bet considering current state. And we still depend on other results.
                    We should finish 9-7, but thats not a given either.. I dont know what the tiebreaker situation is other then Pitt/Baltimore have it over us.


                    • Everyone controls their own destiny. Weather it is a losing or winning one. Nobody determines what you do on the field or in the standings more than yourself.

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                      • If 2 of these Pitt,Jack,NYJ do not lose we are out.

                        Looks like Mia winning out doesnt hurt us. If Mia wins out keeps Jets out and us in.
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                        • we can get in next week with:

                          a win (vs. Philadelphia) and a Jacksonville loss or tie (vs. New England) and a Miami loss or tie (vs. Houston) and a N.Y. Jets loss or tie (vs. Indianapolis) and a Pittsburgh loss or tie (vs. Baltimore)

                          source -


                          • Cant believe people are thinking about playoffs after yesterday lets focus on beating philly then we will talk playoffs

                            Raiders @ Broncos 9-30-12


                            • Originally posted by MNBroncs85 View Post
                              Cant believe people are thinking about playoffs after yesterday lets focus on beating philly then we will talk playoffs
                              Dont you think its pertinent to talk about the playoffs when so much is riding on the outcome of the game vs Philadelphia? Or would you prefer that everyone stay in the dark because of ignorance or indifference? If you want to wait till next week to talk playoffs then fine, do so, but dont come in here with nothing to add to the conversation except your rolling eyes emoticon. We get it okay? The Broncos lost yesterday. Some fans would like to know the playoff scenarios after yesterday's outcome and how that changes the picture looking forward.

                              If you dont care thats fine but leave the people who do care alone unless you have something constructive to offer. Otherwise youre part of the annoying mob that never has anything to say about a topic, just belittlement to the people who actually give a darn.


                              • if we could get in that endzone, it would be great...
                                Walk on
                                With hope in your heart
                                And you'll never walk alone