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  • Knowshons Running Style

    OK, I’m not a running back expert, never been one never will be, but I did notice something while watching the replay of the Colts games as well as replays of a few other games. Let me know if you think I’m out to lunch on this one.

    How many times have we seen Knowshon hit a hole or bust into an opening this year only to watch him stumble, lunge forward, and fall down without taking much contact. It’s happened more times than it should and I have a theory as to why…

    He doesn’t run upright enough. He seems to run with his shoulders too far out in front of his feet which causes him to be off balance a lot. He needs to get his shoulders more over his feet and keep his center of gravity balanced. Did he come in with this running style and is this something that the running backs coach should be working with him on? If you watch other good backs (Chris Johnson, Frank Gore) you see they run more upright and seem to always be in control whereas Knowshon always looks off balance.

    Just an observation, I think the kid is going to have great career, I’d just like to see him quit falling down for no reason when he can make a clean break.

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    The way Knowshon runs is how RB's are taught to run. Knowshon's low pad level was one of the things that scouts raved about.

    One of the knocks on Adrian Peterson is that he runs too upright.


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      I think that because he is a rookie he has a tendency to try to juke instead of just hitting the hole hard. Reggie Bush had the same problems his rookie year.
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        I think that he has a few flaws in the way that he runs as far as technique. The tripping?? Who knows what cause that but you are right it is pretty annoying. The thing that bugs me though is that the kid runs to contact. He always takes shots. With his lack of speed he must look like a stationary target out there. I just dont know how long he is going to last running like that. The kids needs to learn to not bet so stiff and make someone miss or he is going to get himself killed
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          My thinking on the stumbling in the colts game was that he might have just been gassed, he was running non stop with no one to relieve him. McD should have brought someone in to let him have a breather because he was in no shape to be the full time work horse ... yet
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            I think that Knowshon and I feel like he has some good potential. He is having a good year overall but he has things that he can work on to be better. In the first few games I watched of him it was like he didn't wait for the play to develop thinking the hole would open and he would not get much. Now it seems that he is waiting too long for the play to develop and is also dancing way to much trying to make something happen. Don't get me wrong, I love his second efforts but some times he needs to recognize that a play is not going anywhere and salvage as much yardage as he can and stop dancing.

            To be honest some of his troubles fall on the interior O-line too. Most of us recognize this to be one of our weaknesses this year and yet it seems as though Josh usually runs KM up the middle, and runs Buck off tackle more. I think a lot of us got frustrated with his insistence to do so against the Colts; 1. because there was usually nothing there blocking wise, and 2. because it became too predictable for the defense.
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              At first during the Colts game I dont think it was that bad, but when he got tired (Because bucky was injured) he started to stumble more I noticed that also.
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                He was out of gas!

                He looked very tired and should have been given a blow for a few plays. He could have had some big runs if he could of stayed on his feet.


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                  Yeah i've noticed that to....i never saw that out of him at Georgia.


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                    I too think it was just a case of him being tired. IMO he has great forward lean which is why he always falls forward after contact. The styles downside is that at times it can cause you to stumble forward.

                    Chris Johnson can get away with the upright style due to his speed/elussiveness. Frank Gore is always injured due to this style and Adrian Petterson takes allot of heavy shots which often causes his fumbles.

                    He will it's only his first year at this level. I see good things for this kid!
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                      Originally posted by ThatBroncosReppinDCboy View Post
                      At first during the Colts game I dont think it was that bad, but when he got tired (Because bucky was injured) he started to stumble more I noticed that also.
                      I think it was more than tiredness - I remember he took a hit and was walking around quite gingerly for the rest of the game.

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                        Knowshon has 837 rushing yards on the season with 5 games to go. I'm willing to bet that he will get 163 in the next two games.
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                          There has been times when Moreno has ran the ball great; for some reason he has a hard time when he is getting the most carries in any game. Like the Colts game, he seemed out of breath and wasnt breaking the first takle like he usally does.

                          Tell you guys the truth, I expected more out of Knowshon. I thought he would come in here and tear the field up all season; thats what i expect out of a top 12 first round draft pick.

                          I dont know; mabey I just expected too much out of a rookie. He is leading all rookie RBs in rushing. I would just like KNOMO to break more big long runs. I hope Knowhon turns out to be something like Ray Rice on the Ravens. The guy was not all flashy in his rookie season (eventhough he did get over 1,000 yrds). But now the guy is turning out to be a 3 down RB.

                          Mabey its just a rookie thing Moreno is going through or something.


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                            Moreno most likely got tired and hurt (I saw him limping once, then later feeling his wrist). But apparently Hillis is not good enough to join the rotation, a stumbling Moreno is better to McDaniels.


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                              Moreno will be fine. During the off season he does need to put on some weight. At least 10-12 LBS to become the every down back we need!