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Is LaMont Jordan better than Peyton Hillis?

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  • Im not a fan either way of Hillis. I do think that we should be using EVERY weapon at our disposal.

    I think the reason he has reached "cult" status on the booard is because even those of us who dont necessarily like, or dislike him cant understand why he isnt being played more. After seeing Moreno get stuffed again and again on third and short, fourth and short etc. why not even give him just a couple carries a game? Why not give him a shot EVEN if he has a chance to fail? Our running game is already failing, what harm could it possibly do? Fail even more? Well then you shut everyone up about Hillis and we dont have to worry about giving him another chance the rest of the season or next year. Dont give him a shot and people will never let it die.

    Like others have said, what can explain it? Ego is the only real answer. I dont see him mouthing off to ANY coach. What other resonable explanation could it be? Hes not as good as a RB? He hasnt proven himself in the NFL? Give me a break. Either of these argument could be used against LJ or Moreno. MCD doesnt want to be told what do to by the Media or anyone else, and I get the feeling (like so many others) thats hes just doing it because he doesnt want his ego bruised.

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    • When nothing is working, why not just give Hillis a chance? It does not hurt. McDaniels is very stubborn. He needs to change for us to have a chance to win at Philly.


      • As I said, even when Hillis is only getting a handful of carries, he's making the most of those carries. Still averaging 4.5 yards a carry with only 12 carries under his belt is incredible, and the fact that he has a TD with only that many carries is also incredible. I'm shocked with Buck out that he hasn't gotten a few more carries, personally.
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        • Originally posted by DoJo Chargerfan View Post
          Hillis just isn't that great of a runner.
          Prove it...oh can't!