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Why is eveyrone changing their tunes?

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    Broncos still finding their tune!

    Gee, last week Dallas was in this position and guess what?

    I'm pleased that the Broncos have done well many times--albeit inconsistently--this season. Heck, it's a new team. I think that was an advantage the first six games--no one knew what to expect. Then the Ravens figured them out, and the rest is history. So the Raiders improved their play and the Broncos are still not maintaining effectiveness as a team. I'm not surprised. It's called rebuilding. You pick up and move on.

    The Cowboys offense has been rebuilding too, since Romo lost his go-to buddy T.O. Last week he finally woke up to that fact. The Cowboys showed exactly what the Broncos need, and that is to take their focus to the next level and have the confidence that they CAN get the job done. If you saw the 'boys on Saturday, maybe you too caught the look in Tony Romo's eyes, as well as those of his linemen, and probably the whole team--a look they hadn't had before, a look of owning total responsibility for their season. If the Broncos can get to that level--and they've proved all season that they CAN get back on the horse--then they have a chance in Philly.


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      If they go 8-8, it will be dramatically better than I thought they would do at the beginning of the year.

      I feel like a kicked dog, having lost to the Raider's 2 years in a row at home. I kinda cringe & back away.

      The comment of "Mediocrity is ok if polished by low expectations?" is absolutely classic, whether you agree with the take on the Broncos or not...c'mon, that's freaking profound! Belongs on every fortune cookie you open from now till the end of eternity. (& no, thats not sarcasm...I love that comment & I'm going to plagerize it shamelessly ).

      End of the day, the Broncos are an improving team. I hope McD takes the offseason to assess the success (re:failure) of his hyper-conservative approach & makes adjustments appropriate to the situation. An honest assessment would be that we had some measure of success DESPITE his hyper-conservative/predictable approach, not because of it. McD brings alot to the table, including a clear passion for winning & unbridled enthusism that is VERY refreshing to see. I like him.

      I sincerely hope we have a modicum of consistancy in personel this offseason, because execution is more of a plague to our success than playcalling, imo. Playcalling is #2 on my list, not enough cheerleaders is #3, everything else comes under that on my list. Stability in personel will allow them to become more in synch and execute whatever plays are called in more proficiently.

      "When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest." -anonymous


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        Originally posted by Bronco_Beard1 View Post
        You also spent most of the season claiming we'd be better of with Chris Simms. How did that work out?
        Truth doesn't change and neither do the words of those that speak it.
        ~Simms has looked better than Orton since Preseason. He's simply twice the QB.
        ~McD choosing to play Orton, Hochstein, bench Hillis and attempt ManBlocking is no better than Shanny's Webster-Winborn-Manuel-Fox-McCree-Bly debacle of last season. QB is the most important aspect of the offense, like a car's clutch, but Orton was never was any good and now he's slipping badly. McD dismanteling our running game has only exacerbated the problem.

        Awful desicions by HCs makes reaching the postseason a struggle and winning in it nearly impossible.
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          Originally posted by sage View Post
          Truth doesn't change and neither do the words of those that speak it.
          ~Simms has looked better than Orton since Preseason. He's simply twice the QB.
          Wow. Just... Wow.


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            Originally posted by Alastor View Post
            Wow. Just... Wow.
            Yeah no kidding.

            On what planet is that statement even remotely true. Last I checked Simms horrible QBing cost us a second half meltdown, and a loss. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
            Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?


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              Denver Broncos were one of the few teams to advance to the SB from a wild card berth. AZ did it last year...anything can happen.

              Hooray, beer!


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                Originally posted by Seattle Sun View Post
                Sheesh. I am sick and tired of this talk.

                The over/under was 7 wins. No one but a few dimwits were predicting 4-12. This isn't oakland. The Broncos always do [pretty well in the regular season.

                I thought Broncos fans were smarter than this. 8-6 in a crappy division and with a miracle win in the first week is not the salvation I am sure you guys were looking for.

                But hey, at least you guys dont have "Cuttie", and the defense is looking much better than last year.
                Not totally crappy. One elite team, one so-so team and two crappy teams. Prolly be that way for at least 4 years.


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                  Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
                  Denver Broncos were one of the few teams to advance to the SB from a wild card berth. AZ did it last year...anything can happen.
                  yep any given Sunday . I picked 10-6 and Im still convinced we will get there
                  "(Touchdowns) are the goal," Orton said. "You can run for as many yards as you want, throw for as many yards as you want, but you have to convert to seven points. I think we're going to be explosive, be dynamic, be versatile."

                  "Perception is everything in this league, and a lot of times, unless you're a self-promoter, it can become negative," - Kyle Orton

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                    Originally posted by Bokyong View Post
                    Before the season started, (Pre Season included) every sports writer, and most fans were predicting a 4-12 season. Most fans on this board said they would be very happy going 8-8. Playoffs was not even a thought on anyones mind. This was supposed to be a rebuilding year. New faces, new coach, new offense and defensive scheme. Something most people wouldn't be able to grasp in one off season. Gone is Jay Cutler the "Franchise" Quarterback.

                    Fast Forward to Week 16 and now we have a shot at the playoffs. THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!
                    Those expectations weren't so low when McDaniels took over. They became low after Cutler left, which I blame McD for. I'm not totally unhappy with the way the season went, I'm just unhappy with the head coach. Mike Nolan is the reason we still have a shot at the postseason.
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                      I am not satisfied either...

                      ...but I have a solution.

                      I want the Mustard & Brown, with striped socks as our uniform. I'm serious. We look tough as Hell in them, and play inspired.

                      Lets lobby for the vintage unis!!!

                      Now, unfortuantely...this will not happen. Therefore, we need to go out and win games...regardless of our attire. In order to do this, we need to trust our QB (I'm talkin' to you, Coach), and open up the playbook...and let our talent shine.
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