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Marshall and Scheffler have the last laugh

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  • Originally posted by sage View Post
    McD already detonated that bridge, tore up the foundations and murdered any witnesses.
    Could'nt have said it any better!


    • It's a shame that such a moronic head coach would chase away a top 5 nfl receiver. At least he will have his team players in place shortly and we will shortly be 3-13.

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      • Originally posted by thinkin101 View Post
        It's a shame that such a moronic head coach would chase away a top 5 nfl receiver. At least he will have his team players in place shortly and we will shortly be 3-13.
        The team leaders wanted this guy disciplined! He's running himself out of town with his antics!

        Bye bye Marshall! We want people with real integrity and character and leadership on this team!

        Oh and correct me if I am wrong here but didn't you say we would have a below .500 year? Let us see....that didn't happen!
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        • after listening to BM interview, I think McDaniels handle this whole thing wrong and I hope BM comes back next year. McDaniels is a young coach and hopefully with time he grows up because he can be a very good coach.
          GO Broncos!!


          • If he's being honest, I'd like to see him stay in Denver, but I honestly don't believe he is.


            • Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
              I am.

              He was barred from the sideline, the stadium, and the locker room before, during, and after the game.

              That's a pretty strong signal that you don't want a player on your team, and it would be hard for McDaniels at this point to rectify the situation, when the Broncos have made it clear they're not giving Marshall a long-term contract.
              if i recall, belichick sent home moss for being late to practice.

              pretty strong signal also and seems like moss will be a patriot


              • Originally posted by 203KillinSpree View Post
                Mr. Pat Bowlen,

                Please resign Brandon. We lost Cutler last season, thinking he, Marshall, Royal, Scheffler & throw in Moreno would be the center pieces to Broncos football for yrs. to come. I.E.; Elway, Smith & Sharpe & TD. This franchise needs this guy. I believe for the most part the pulse of this teams fan base wants to root for Brandon and see him overcome the adversity that has plagued him early on in his brilliant career thus far. The guy is really making positive, ambitious strides to be a professional on and off the field. You have to agree the guy comes to play every week and performs at an extremely high level on a consistent basis. I know he has not been perfect, he knows he has not been perfect. However, he is striding to become perfect, again, on and off the field, and that is all you can ask of someone. There are far worse players in this league that have done unspeakable acts that have been granted many opportunities who unfortunately did not respond like they should have and taken advantage of them. Brandon is a bright articulate person who is coming of age right before our eyes. I truly feel that Brandon will become a leader on this football team over the next couple of years not only by his play but by his off field achievements in the community. Resign Brandon and allow him to start and finish his career as a Broncos WR, which is a rarity in today's game. He is a special player but more importantly he is a special person who is going to represent you and the Broncos franchise with nothing but Respect (Of yeah...He can't hurt our chances of getting number 3!).
                This is the Best way to get him traded, remember this is Josh's Team and Not ours - Don't make him prove it again
                We are the Organization that " EVERYONE " wants to be a part of